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The Rake welcomes only The Rake

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The Rake welcomes only The Rake

Post  profile_#name on Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:31 am

Hello, Just realized I should make an intro about mahself.

My name is Zue
I'm a 15 year old Scottish Australian living in Columbus Ohio.
I've been gaming for at least 11 years now, Role playing for eight.
Only followed two communities back then: |A<>O|(wootcentral), 4Chan and now [SoTA]
I have three dogs (all great danes): Cerberus, Daisy, Mortuus
I have a lizard named Watson
My hobbies are augmenting weapons, Building various weapons, Other stuff I cannot say
My sexual orientation is Bi-Sexual
I don't really care so much to put a lot on here so... Hello I am Zue.


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