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To clear the fog..

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To clear the fog.. Empty To clear the fog..

Post  DeadCherry on Thu May 17, 2012 3:07 pm

To Clear the Fog

To clear things up, Dead Anarchy Gaming is not the legion or URx, if you have already been conned into joining the communities, its a stratigy used to eat up the players of DA.

Dead Anarchy's 40 slot server was removed due to complications between D4nk and I because I refused to listen to his orders in the banning of someone, from this point on DA will no longer be trusting volunteers to host their servers, rather we will be accepting the payments and running the rest ourselves properlly. Many people are confused believing that DA is dead, DA is NOT dead... I fear that many of us have already fallen prey to the legion and URx and joining in the ever growing expansion of Communistic networks. We will soon be hosting a 30 slot server, DA will not fall, not in my hands it wont, while I still stand for Dead Anarchy it will continue running as the community it is, free of D4nk.

I have appointed Snake the temporary community director and server manager to regulate and run and guide the community to lend me a helping hand, he will be regulating the new administration team.

Things we will be expecting:

Our mapper, Dimbark continues to work on our map 'da_city36', which we will be using for our cityruins RP, is will most likely be a 20 slot server at most until we can receive more donations.

CityRuinsRP will most likely topple over NovaProspektRP because a lot of players take more intrest in it.

We will be hiring new coders, introducing them to the community, but in a more cautios mannor, less power unto them.

Our administration team still stands other than Noobstrike who is convinced and is currently siding more to D4nks communities, so we will see what his decesion will be.

Snake is running our donations, if you have any donations to contribute please speak with him.

As for me...

Many of you heard from others that I'm "Leaving". I'd like to say on my part that those statements are false, as long as this community stands, so will I. I'm not going anywhere and if you ever need anything, you know where to find me. I just hope all of you guys will do the same and stick around, I have enjoyed having each and every one of you part of Dead Anarchy Gaming, it has been close to a family experiance for me.

-DeadCherry with love

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