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John Partells background story.

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John Partells background story. Empty John Partells background story.

Post  DIABLO258 on Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:58 pm

John Partell grew up in a small town just above Minneapolis Minnesota with his two parents and older brother, Joe. John was a very smart. His parents were teachers, so they would practice their own lessons on him. He used it as an advantage in school. Johns older brother Joe was his biggest role model in life. He would try to imitate his every move and act like him at all times. John never left his brothers side unless he had too. His brother Joe would try to teach him things during school. Like how to pick up girls, and fight off the bullies. However, John was only interested in the girls part. He could fight, but not as good as his brother and wasnt nearly as stronge as he was. John sat through and watched many fights that his brother was in. He always won. But the day came when someone better came in and beat his brother up. The horrific scene of this forced John to be more passive and kind. This gained him a diffrent reputation then his brothers, but it didnt bother him. John went through his teenage years as the smart, funny, and always gentle guy. Ladies liked him for who he was and not how he looked, teachers loved him because he always did as he was told. And his parents couldnt have been more proud. But, it all changed when the combine invaded.

Johns only memory of the 7 hour war was of his parents being beaten by the combine as his brother tried to keep him from running to save them. This memory haunted him for many years. That same day, he was taken with his family to a train station where they were to board the train to City 22. He held onto his brother as his mother was lost in the crowd of people. She was taken to a diffrent city. John thinks she is dead, but isnt sure. After that, his father was beaten down right infront of him by a CCA officer. After his dad went down, he was escorted out and taken to "Off World Relocation". This made the officer turn to John. He started heading towords him when Joe leaped onto the officer. Joe was thrown off almost instantly and put onto a diffrent train, heading for City 8. John went to City 22 and lived an average life for someone of his generation. Working hard and hardly taking breaks. After his city administrator relocated him to City 18 because of his poor working skills, John wound up more alone then ever. He became so depressed that he eventualy got himself into trouble and was put in detainment.

After he had served his time in his cell. He noticed that no one was coming to get him out. No one was in the detainment room. He was left there for many hours untill the City adminisrator came to his aid. The administrator took him to his office and served him tea. This wasnt because he pittied him, it was because he had a job offer. Become a spy for the CCA. John didnt hesitate at accepting. What he didnt know is that this required him to be brainwashed. John was taken to the torture room and had his memories replaced with new ones. He cannot remember his past life, all he can remember is how he supposedly murdered his family and shot a few rebels.

Days after his brain washing session, John applied for a job as a CCA officer. He felt that it was the right thing to do. He was accepted and did a very well job. His name was not John any longer. It was "Unit 88052". He served for a very long time untill the Nexus in City 18 was destroyed by the rebels. He recieved word that his department of the UU was being transfered along side the citizens to City 8. 88052 followed orders and arrived at his new home where he was quickly greeted by a citizen who swore at him, claiming he was the scum of the earth. 88052 and his patrol partner grabbed the man and dragged him into the Nexus. As they were doing so, a man chased them while shouting at them. 88052 brushed it off and ordered his partner to move quicker as to avoid the crazed man following them. He locked the citizen up and explored his home. His new life in City 8 had begun.

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