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Joe Partells background story.

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Joe Partells background story. Empty Joe Partells background story.

Post  DIABLO258 on Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:58 pm

Joe Partell grew up just above Minneapolis, Minnesota in a relitivly small town with his parents and younger brother, John. Joe never did well in school, he was always the rebelious type. Even though his parents were teachers, he never listened to what they had to say to him about grades. Through out his school career he was the most popular kid you could know. All the girls wanted a peice of him, all the teachers hated him, and all the boys respected him. If someone ever stepped out of place, he would gladly fight them back into there spot. His younger brother John would always try to imitate him by standing by his side at all times. Joe loved his little brother more then anyone else, he would take a bullet for him. He even got a tattoo of his name on his wrist, along side his own. Joe would teach his little brother things about life that werent always accurate. Such as "getting girls is top priority." and "If someone ever threatens you, knock them in the face to show them who is boss." How ever, these life lessons didnt help him when the combine attacked. One of Joes most hated memories is of him trieing to cover his brothers eyes as the combine beat his parents down in the corner of their house. He doesnt like to talk about his past, it was a very unstable time for him.

When the combine took him and his family, they put them on a train heading for City 22. Joe held onto John and John alone. His mother and father tried to stay together, but his mother was lost in the crowd of people. She was left on the train and sent to diffrent city. Joe thinks she is still alive, but his temper will get out of control if you mention her. After they left the train, Joes father was beaten by a CCA officer and taken to "Off World Relocation". Joe thinks he is dead. That very same officer went straight for John after annihlating his father, so Joe tried to defend him. He jumped onto the Units back and started throwing punches, but his hands only hit a hard helmet and hurt him more then the cop. The officer threw him to the ground and ordered the remaining Units to take him to a diffrent area. That was the last time he saw any of his family members.

Joe was thrown onto the train heading for the airport where he was later flown to City 8. Once he arrived there, hurt and alone, Joe quickly snapped back into his tough self and realised he wasnt getting anywhere by acting like a child. So he shaped up and got a stable life. As time went on, Joe grew tired of this place and got an even worse temper tword the CCA. He is known for his outrageous behavior and intence curiousity. But his curiousity led him to a turning point in his life. He was being nosey and listening in on a conversation between two CCA officers when one mention City 18's demise, and the citizens arrival. This ment nothing to him untill they posted a list of all the new Citizens. He scanned through the list of people, just so he would know a few names. Untill he hit his own. The name "Partell" was listed next to the number 88052. Probably his CID. Joe knew exactly who it was. John. His younger brother. Joe ran out of the room with joy knowing he would see his brother very soon. But what he didnt do is look at the category he was located under. "CCA Officers".

When the day came, he watched the trains unload the people. He couldnt find his brother. He began to panic, so he asked one of the Officers where 88052 was. The officer pointed to two more officers carrying a man into the Nexus strong hold. Joe ran after them calling out Johns name, hoping that the man being carried away would turn around and shout back. But the two officers carried the man into the Nexus before he could reach them. Joe now thinks his brother is being held somewhere inside the citidel and that he must find him, and save him from the UU's grasp.

He doesnt know the Irony of the situation.

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