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The Story of John Eric Pendleton

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The Story of John Eric Pendleton

Post  The Sniper on Mon May 21, 2012 7:52 pm

"The rain fell and along with the darkness it lurked upon the alleyway ahead of him, which only a alcoholic, painkiller addict would've had the right mind to pass through, believing that it's all a dark alleyway; but his fear were only to grow once his mind began to abuse his eyes and his grip of reality began to fade away"

Eric Pendleton, born as John Eric Pedleton to a middle-classed family in New York, east coast by the year of 1980. Despite his fathers warnings, he and his older brother used to go out to an old oak tree and climb it, the tree stood steady and firmly up for about ten meters high. They had been caught by the smell of adventure and often took their risks for progress. Their wild adventures continued from when he was twelve to eighteen, when he graduated from school with acceptable exams, even though the will of having a good job never took to him, instead he had a lust for adventure and once he had finished school he quickly sent his application to the New York Police Academy. He was finished the academy, march 1998, being the one who had achieved most progress, due to his lust for adventure.

He soon became a NYPD Detective and by april, 1999, he was transferred to DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and was assigned a Undercover mission, there he had to infiltrate the Campacho family, a well known mafia-family who had been suspected for dealing dope for the past years. He remained Undercover until Freddy Campacho, the son of the family's Don; Henry Campacho, was killed by Eric after his identity had been compromised. Eric, who quickly took to the subways to escape his followers, had to take down three of the mobsters with his pistol, before he could safely go under hiding from New York's most powerful family.

"His thoughts began to swabble around him as he quickly poured the whiskey down into his glass and along with the pills in his hand, he quickly drowned it down his body before he fell down to the bench, without guilt and without pain he slowly drew himself away to his dreamland"

But as the Campacho family couldn't reach Eric himself, they went after his family. When the Campacho's killed Eric's brother, Eric went into a state of depression, starting to drug himself down with painkillers and alcohol to get rid of the foul memories of the men he had killed and his brother.

"Awake as he was; he refilled his glass and took out his pack of cigarettes. Drowning the whiskey down into his body, along with the smoke to his lungs, he gave away a slight sigh, before inhaling the poison through his lungs once more"

After the Invasion, Eric had gone through becoming a survialist. He no longer felt that his former experienes as a Cop would help him anymore, instead he began to steal, rob and even goes as far as attacking and murdering a Civil Protection unit with his self-made shiv, which got him to be sent away to a Labour Camp, escaping his execution and there he survived on his own for two weeks until a Resistance Raid striked the Camp, and along with the chaos; Eric took to escape with one of the Resistance troopers called ''Doc''. Even though Eric had gone through a state of depression by the death of his family; he continued wth his painkiller addiction along with his alcoholic behaviours, going so far that he even started to smoke, which he had promised his family that he would stop after the death of his grandfather.

Legend & Pictures:

(How he looks like, only to the face though.)

The Sniper

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Re: The Story of John Eric Pendleton

Post  Snake4199 on Tue May 22, 2012 4:48 am

I enjoyed the backstory. I also LOVED the background music that you managed to get in there. MY GOD EVERYONE NEEDS that!

PS: Hopefully the forum doesn't get spammed, so let's keep the knowledge private for now. I know what you did to achieve this.

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Re: The Story of John Eric Pendleton

Post  DeadCherry on Tue May 22, 2012 2:48 pm

Well written in detail and alot of drammatic writing, backstory was quite nice.

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Re: The Story of John Eric Pendleton

Post  Noobstrike on Fri May 25, 2012 5:04 pm

Whoa....very...epic dood. How did you get the music in there? Like made mah day while reading and listening to dat.

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Re: The Story of John Eric Pendleton

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