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Epic RP moment with Sixx

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Epic RP moment with Sixx

Post  mahunik on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:36 pm

When I first became a 05 on the first day there happened to be an event when we captured Sixx. All of the Units were taking his inventory items and destroying them. I managed to take a Glock out of his inventory and I kept it as a trophy. I bragged to Sixx to make him angry that I took it and while he was in detainment he broke out. Its been 2 weeks now and since then I got promoted to 03. He goes by a code not to kill low ranking CCA but when I became a 03 I was fair game. I came to asst a 04 but when I got there he was dead and standing next to the corpse was Sixx. He knew it was I that had his weapon and he tackled me to the ground. He dragged me to the sewers and with 3 other resistance beat me until I gave up. I handed over the rare weapon in sadness. After that he released me and I ran back to the nexus and instantly filed a report on the event. All I can say it was epic from my point of view..

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Re: Epic RP moment with Sixx

Post  lco890 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:02 am

hey i'm that 04 Very Happy i got dragged trough there after you

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Re: Epic RP moment with Sixx

Post  DIABLO258 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:23 am

That reminds me of when I was being arrested when I resisted and turned around and swung at the cop. My hand hit, but it hurt me more then him cuz his mask is a mask. Then he pushed me into the wall as another citizen ran up and pushed the cop over and grabbed me and ran off. He gave me a gun and we both shot ourselfs, throwing ourselfs into Xen. Oddly enough, Xen was the heaven people expected to goto. Abraham Loncoln was there, Einstien, Hitler. So after we were there we decided to try and get out, we werent ready to die after that. So we killed ourselfs again, sending us to hell. Which ironicly was in the clouds. Satan how ever looked suprisingly like "Satan". Red, big, horns, tail, hooves. After we saw him, he approached us and started talking in some strange language. Probably english. We told him we didnt speak english and that our native language was Flux shift. He used Flux Shift to send us back to the real world in city 18. But he sent us into our prison cells, so we were locked up, serving our time.

Turns out, that whole thing was a dream. It happend in my characters head when I was knocked out by the officer who arrested me, he brought me into detainment, and I woke up.

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Re: Epic RP moment with Sixx

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