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Post  Zergling373 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:07 am

Yeah, I'm writing one of my CCA. What of it? Very Happy

Unit 64962 was not always a combine civil authority. In fact, she grew up in a small town in Canada. Born and raised there by her parents, and living with her brother, her name was Jade.. and they had a peaceful homelife. She attended school every day, got top grades and excelled in science wing. She loved the idea of one day becoming a nurse, or a paramedic.. someone who was medically capable of healing wounds, no matter what it was.

Outside of school life, she volunteered at veterenarian clinics, hospitals, and doctor's clinics. She would observe as the professional doctors would preform surgery, or show her small tricks that they knew, and would constantly learn. She loved volunteering, because she loved to learn something new. And she loved learning something new, because it maded her more useful.

During the Seven Hour War, she was twenty-two. Her family had begun housing wounded soldiers. As they quickly patched them up, they sent them back off to war as more injured men came in. Soon enough, the combine had found this small 'operation', and had every soldier killed. When her father stood up to this, the Officer of the group pulled out a revolver and shot him in the head. Her brother leaped out to attack him in revenge, but he was quickly shot down by a combine. The Officer looked at Jade, and told her if she wanted to be like them then she'd move. Jade stayed frozenly still. He approached her, smiled, and knocked her out with the end of his revolver. "We have plans for you...", is the last thing she heard.

She awoke one day, laying in bed in a strange place. As she got up, she realized it was the barracks of the Nexus. As she slowly learned what was going on, an Officer, different from the one before, entered the room and stood in front of her bed. He ordered her to get up, and prepare for training. As she got up, she found a uniform under her bed along with a pistol and two clips. She put it on, and walked out to begin her training.

As her time in the CCA passes, she has developed a strange addiction to "Special Breen's Water". It's something in the water that has her hooked. She's also slowly becoming more brainwashed, and no long afraid to hurt a citizen. Though she doesn't like to still, and is still terrified of taking lives, she will do it upon orders in fear of disobeying an order. She plans on branching into the HELIX division, and being able to use her medical skills towards the combine to help them, and impress others with what she knows. She also has a dream of creating a new type of serum that can instantly heal any wound when applied. She wishes to do it not for the money, or the fame, but for the number of people she will help with it.

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