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Facts of Doctor "Evil" O'Brien

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Facts of Doctor "Evil" O'Brien Empty Facts of Doctor "Evil" O'Brien

Post  The Sniper on Fri May 25, 2012 6:28 pm

Facts of Doctor "Evil" O'Brien Big_br10

"The Iron Fist of City 18"


Doctor Richard O'Brien is the brutal Administrator of Sector Eighteen (City 18) During his reign, a high unknown amount of people have disappeared from their homes, mostly at night. Screams are often heard from the Nexus; inwhich the lower parts of it is said to have been turned into a Torture chamber. Detainee's are often found victims for various experimentations, such as lethal injection, torture and humiliation by the Sadistic Administrator and the Civil Protection. Even random Citizens have been found suspects of abuse, either through random arrests or a beating for "Disrespecting" Doctor O'Brien. Those who are known to have been killed by O'Brien's regime, somehow simply "Vanishes". The knowledge of that that man or woman have lived is erazed from history; in which registration of names are burnt and destroyed once the person is marked as "Vaporized". Anyone who mentions the name of one who has been vaporized risks the chance of being vaporized himself. O'Brien himself is rumored to enjoy humiliating his victims; either by forcing them to undress and walk the streets of the City entirely nude before he's taken away to a unknown location, in some exceptions the person is instantly shot and is left naked out on the streets.

Massmurder is also reported to have accured; massacres of Rebel prisoners and their bodies "Dumped" somewhere in the City have caused a sting of fear in the general population. There are also old rumours that O'Brien held a spot within the Central Intelligence Agency, inwhich he was in charge of the State Security during the Gulf War; State Security as in extracting information from prisoners with value. Of course, these are all rumours but still; the screams from the Nexus Detainment center could still be heard through the thick concrete walls.


Richard Joseph O'Brien

Philosophy Doctor

City Administrator of City 18
Head of Sector 18 State Security
General-Chairman of Sector 18 Civil Protection


Taste in Classical Music

The Sniper
The Sniper

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Facts of Doctor "Evil" O'Brien Empty Re: Facts of Doctor "Evil" O'Brien

Post  Noobstrike on Wed May 30, 2012 7:49 pm

Im waiting for some random politic flamer person to come across our forums and be like "Dis guy sounds better dan obama" HAR HAR HAR HAR

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