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Josh Beare's Backstory and Flag Request!

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Josh Beare's Backstory and Flag Request! Empty Josh Beare's Backstory and Flag Request!

Post  Jester on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:57 pm

Josh Beare's - Heavy Black Market Flag Request.

I’m going to first talk Out Of Character about my RP experience and myself. I’ve been playing Serious RP for about 5 years now. I’ve Role-played seriously on games such as ArmA2, Minecraft, and GarrysMod. The majority of my RP time is serious servers but I have also played on light RP servers for my down time where I need laughs, everyone is guilty of that.

I have over 900 hours of gameplay in Garrysmod, 400-500 of that is in Serious RP. Over 700 hours of gameplay in Arma2 400 of that is serious RP. As for Minecraft I have around 300 hours of that, mostly in factions servers and build servers. I have around 300-400 hours of nothing but serious HL2RP gameplay in Garrysmod. I’ve been admin for serious HL2RP servers, and have also had the heavy black-market flag in several HL2RP servers.

I'm attempting to get the Prop Flag, Tool Gun Flag, Light Black market Flag, Heavy Black market Flag, and a grant of a certain amount of tokens to add to the role play as a Black market dealer. I would be responsible in who i sold to and would role play just like i usually do. This is a position that i would not take lightly and wouldn't just run into a CWU apartment building and start selling weapons. I hope that you can find it to trust me with these flags. I want to take my RP experience on your server even further.

The servers I have had the flags i am requesting on are long since dead unfortunately, but one of them was the HL2RP server that was running a while ago. I found that as long as I played the RP responsibly and didn’t go crazy and mess up the server by giving everyone weapons, it made the RP fun. I knew how to play the game, and that resistance wasn’t always a form of RP and it was very seldom RPed in the game. It’s the kind of thing in a serious role-play server that should be only used once in a good amount of time.

Why am I requesting these flags you may ask? Well I know I haven’t played on this server for very long, but I love it. Most admins don’t know me very well and I could just be a well-seasoned minge. I do not blame anyone for thinking that. It is very possible and I would think the same thing is I was put in the same shoes. I love your server, and the last thing I would do is try to bring it down.

I have played for a small ammount of time on your server, and only discovered it about a week ago, the last thing I would try to do is bring it down. Never the less I want the flags because I’ve realized that there isn’t a lot of real genuine resistance members on your server, and the ones that are have no way of getting ahold of anything real resistance material to play the role with. A lot of the ‘Resistance’ on the server (Not All Of It) is just a bunch of, and I say this sparingly, Twats that like to run around in tunnels and say “I’m A Weebul”.

The server could use some excitement, and in the hands of a player who knows when it should be used and when it shouldn’t, and also that knows how to use it the correct way. Serious RP isn’t about shooting combine, and running away from pissed off admins that are about to drop the ban hammer. It’s about developing your character, and about RPing like your actually there. In the HL2 Universe, there was actually Resistance in the world. I feel that your server could use a tiny bit more of that.

I understand that you are trying to avoid people that like to minge the server to death. But I am a very seasoned Gmod player. I’m responsible for my actions and have been in leadership positions in servers and handled them excellently. There are two players, WhiteKnight411, and DrDashio that can also tell you that. I seek nothing more than to further my and others role-play experience on your server. As a side note, seeing as how it’s very easy to remove a flag, you could keep a close eye on me and just remove it if I become a royal screw up. Those won’t happen though.

Role-playing isn’t something I take very lightly seeing as how I have taught many players how to do it, and have been doing it for so long. I’m ready to be involved with a serious RP community again. I feel that this is my first step towards getting closer to the community and getting to know the players and admins. I’m ready to hi-jack your love, and rub it all over myself.

Josh Beares Story.

(Please note that this is told from the perspective of someone who has forgotten some of what actually took place and is trying to regain his memory)

As a teen Josh father was in the military. He was a solider, and he would do anything for his country. Josh to this day can still remember looking at his dad and being proud of him. But then came the Universal Union. His father left, he told Josh that everything would be ok and that he would be back. But he never came, he never came and told him that he made it; he never came and said that it was ok. He died, in the seven-hour war.

Him and his mother lived in Chicago. He was a quiet teen. He had friends in school but not to many out of his circle. He knew whom he could trust and whom he couldn’t. In class he would dream about being in the military and fighting alongside his dad. His father would teach him things when he was home, some defensive combat tactics, little things to keep him protected. His father would always explain to him when and when not to use knowledge like this. It was almost like playing with fire. It wasn’t something you should take lightly.

When the seven-hour war started he had just recently turned 22 and was finishing up his college. After that he planed to become an officer in the military. He remembered saying goodbye to his dad when he was getting deployed. He was afraid for his dad. If he could have gone with him to fight he would have. But he had to protect his mother. That’s what his father told him anyway.

It didn’t take long for the Union to show up after his father left. It was so fast that they didn’t really have time to prepare. They just busted down the door and grabbed his mom and him. He can still to this day remember the look on his mothers face as she screamed, and they dragged her out the door. When they came for him, he fought, Hard. But there wasn’t any point, he was defeated by sheer numbers.

He was put in the same hold as his mother. It seemed like days that they were in there. Mostly all he could do was sit there and comfort his mother as she cried hysterically. Then the door opened, and they were pushed out into a cage like object. They were being transported. He didn’t know where, but it was a long ride, almost one whole day. First there were trees, then water, lots and lots of water. It was the ocean, Josh didn’t know, but it would be the last time he would see the ocean for a very long time.

During the unloading they shuffled all the people off the cage like thing. He started to get split up from his mom. As the feeling of panic set in, He fought again. But his fight he remembered what his dad had taught him, and that he needed to stay with his mother. He shoved one of the combine taking his mother. And when another combine grabbed his shoulder, he spun around and landed a fist into his mask so hard that he could hear the plastic and glass crack as he landed it. Again he spun and hit the neck of another combine heading is his direction with his elbow. Then as he was checking his shoulder and had his mom holding his hand, a stun stick, hard, hit him. He fell to the floor unconscious.

Waking up, Josh had no idea how long he had been out. He lifted himself up to his feet trying to regain his bearings. Looking around, he could see that he was in a dark windowless room, with one door, and a strange locking mechanism in place of the original one. He began to come to his senses and felt a sharp pain in his back. As he reached around to find out what it was he remembered the stun stick. He remembered his mother.

After several hours in the cell, the door opened, and a combine with a large pistol stuck to his side, and a stun stick in his hand turned on, said, “Move”. Josh walked out of the cell waiting on orders, he was escorted to a large door, it opened up and he was shoved out. People were walking around, in strange blue uniforms. Josh still half out of his mind, looked down and realized that he was also wearing some strange uniform.

Everything seemed strange to him, almost like he was away for a very long time. As if his mind was trying to grip on to what was going on. He stumbled out into a road and as he looked around he was amazed. There were people, all dressed in blue uniforms, and combine standing all over the place. He looked into the sky and there were flying camera like things that were making a soft noise and flying about, and as he looked behind him, he was amazed. The building that he was just pushed out of was huge! It went up so high; he couldn’t even see the top. It was amazing.

As Josh looked around he started to realize what had happened. Earth, his home world would never be the same. The Union had taken over what was his home. He didn’t know what they wanted but they were taking it. He started to walk, he didn’t know where he was going and didn’t care.

As he walked a while he came to an alleyway and stopped. He leaned up against a wall and sat down. He had faint memories of his mother, and what had happened. Where was his mother? Where did they take her? What was going on? What was he suppose to do now. He stood up and started walking again. As he walked down back alleys and roads that no one was watching he stumbled upon a bar.

Walking into the bar he sat down. A medium sized man with an Irish accent walked up to him. “Can I get you a drink?” he asked. Josh said, “What are you serving?” “Breen’s Water, Smooth and Reg. But if you want some good stuff, lay five tokens down and they may just happen to disappear for a second and turn in to something a little more potent.” The man winked. Josh looked up, and stared with a funny expression at the man. “What? You don’t know what tokens are or something?” He said. Josh looked down, and said “No, I don’t know what is what anymore. I don’t even know what’s going on”. The bartender had a surprised look on his face. He turned and walked away for a moment.

Returning, the bartender sat down at the stool he had on the other side of the counter, and began to tell Josh everything. The war, the Universal Union, the Combine, the resistance pockets, How everything worked now, everything. But he would never tell him his name, just would always say to call him Irish. After they talked for around four hours it started to get dark, Josh was full of information. With his whole concept of reality changed forever, he needed sleep, to make since of things. Irish, remembering that Josh had no tokens, gave him forty tokens, and a room to stay in.

Waking up the next morning, he was hungry for more information. He started helping the bartender tend to the shop. He worked for around a month, just learning the ropes and trying to start to deal with his new situation. Not a day went by without him thinking about his mother. He would ask Irish about if he had any ideas about what could have happened to her. He said that there was no telling with the Union, that they were always moving people and taking them into the Nexus for ‘Off World Relocation’.

Josh worked in the bar for what seemed like forever, but as he worked, he started to see the darkness that was forced upon the people. Even Irish, the nice man who helped start Josh off in exchange for work, was involved with Black-market goods. Irish would tell Josh about it when they were alone, and how the people that ran it were called the Resistance, and how they tried to help the people that were struggling to survive.

Josh would think about how much the resistance seemed like something that his father would do. Fight for what they Believed in. He wanted to do that, But Irish told him not to, that it would just lead to him being a wanted man, About how the combine would stop at nothing to bring him to his death. He promised Irish that he wouldn’t.

One morning Josh woke up and heard a loud bang down stairs. It was a gunshot. He could hear the sounds of boots rushing into the bar. He could hear Irish saying “What the Bloody hell is going on here?” Josh new better than to go down stairs, Irish told him exactly what to do in situations like this. He jumped out of bed and ran to the wall. He knew not to move. It wasn’t long before the combine broke into his room and started shouting orders, he followed everyone one of them. Knowing that if he made one wrong move that he would be hurt, or worse, shot and killed. As they moved him outside he could see Irish. Irish looked at Josh with a look that only a father could give, the one that said ‘I love you, and I know you will make it in this world, so don’t worry about what will happen to me’. It was the same look that his father gave him when he left and never came home.

He walked with the combine, for about thirty minutes they walked through the city, heading towards the center plaza. Josh was escorted through a train station. The combine put him in a holding cell, with a rations packet. Enough water and food for one day, He knew that meant he would be in there for at least three.

He picked up the rations packet, and no sooner than he could turn around a combine was standing at the door with a suitcase next to his feet. The combine said in a distorted voice “Put the packet, your tokens, and your CID Card in the suit case and follow me”. Josh not questioning the Combine did as he was told. Finally he followed the combine to a train. The Combine forced Josh onto the train, and as he was shoved on the train the doors closed immediately behind him.

Josh found a seat, and sat down. Looking around the train he realized that there was only one other person on the train. The person was looking strait at him sitting two seats forward. Josh said to the man “Do you know where were going”. The man nodded his head and said “Yes sir, City45, Were somewhere in old Europe I think”. Josh looked out the window; the train was just starting to build speed. The man said “I’m Cameron, What’s your name kid?” Josh looked forward and said “Josh Beare.”

The train ride lasted a day and a half. Josh and Cameron would talk and sleep and talk more. The talked about what they did in the old city, and how they were going to get started in the new city. Josh talked about how he had contacts in the resistance because of the man he worked for. Cameron would always remind him to stay quiet on the trains because the combine had them under surveillance.

They finally arrived at the train station. By now Josh and Cameron had already discussed how they had both lost loved ones to the Union and how they were tired of taking shit from the combine. They wanted to take the fight to the combine, however they could. It would be hard work to start but they could do it.

After about a month in city 45 Cameron and Josh had a warehouse set up, one that only trusted friends could get into. Josh had ways he could get water and anti depressants shipped into the city. Him and Cameron had also made a new friend, Elliott Reed, who served as their scout when they were making big deals with civilians. Josh has successfully set up a working civilian Black-market, With Josh as the brains, Cameron as the charisma, and Elliott as the scout. There was no way they could get caught, and if they did, they could dump the place faster than the combine could wipe their mask.

One day while Josh was working on his goods, Cameron and Elliott came busting in. Cameron said “Boss we found someone that could get us resistance ties” Josh said, “Really? Is he trusted?” Elliott said, “Yea I know him. He does business in District six all the time; I’ve heard that he does some pretty big deals, with some pretty High-end stuff.” Josh got a look on his face that only said one thing to Cameron. ‘Get me that contact’ Elliott and Cameron raced to go work out a deal with the mysterious resistance member.

Josh went to sit down, as Cameron and Elliott left the warehouse. He remembered his Father, Mother, and Irish. The combine killed the people that were closest to him it made him angry. Now the only people he had left were Cameron and Elliott, and they were like brothers to him. But they knew that Josh was out for blood. He wanted to show the combine what one man with a drive could do. He would make them suffer for his lost loved ones.

Josh had a drive, and something to fight for. Him and his brothers would fight for all the people that died by the Unions hand, and they would help restore freedom to the human race. There were only two options, Freedom or Death. But to join the resistance he needed to find the resistance. The tie that Cameron and Elliott were working on was his way in. He would be the one that could get them contacts and tools.

Josh sat for a while, thinking. Weighing the risk, he couldn’t think of a way to live like this forever. It wasn’t a life he was living. It was a controlled environment that he didn’t want to be in. It was the Universal Unions idea of a perfect world. It was far from perfect, it lacked the human emotion, nothing was created, and everything was controlled. The union wanted them to be robots, but they wouldn’t stand for that. It was there planet, if the union wanted it they would have to fight for it. Josh was just a small piece of a huge puzzle, but he would help. Every singe person helped in some way.

About an hour later, Cameron and Elliott returned with excited looks on there face. Cameron said “The contact is in boss, he sais that he will supply us with whatever we need from the resistance.” Elliott said “Well I guess we can finally stop dealing petty anti depressants and start a real black market”. Josh laughed, there were a lot of things they would have to do but Elliott was right. Now they could supply the people with real resistance items. The kind of stuff they needed. But he knew that a lot of the help relied on the people getting real water and food, and not the Universal Union branded crap that the combine was giving them.

As the week went on they started receiving items from the dealer. At first the dealer wanted to start them off with small items, to build trust up to items like weapons and real resistance uniforms. They continued selling things like water, food, and antidepressants. But they also started to sell things like radios, and alcohol. It was begging to look very bright for the three young resistance members. But what will happen, will they start getting a hold of hotter contraband or will they be raided by the combine and shut down. Only time will tell.

(Will Josh Get The Deal?)[center] Idea Question Question Question

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Josh Beare's Backstory and Flag Request! Empty Re: Josh Beare's Backstory and Flag Request!

Post  Noobstrike on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:05 pm

Welcome to our server and saying the good comments you did about it, although, you can write pages of reasons why you want flags, they are not done on the forums. Not to sound like an ass, but you need to earn them like all of the other people. Spend time on the server, get to know admins and players, and show us that you don't need items or weapons to roleplay. Not saying you can't. But flags are not done on the forums. Enjoy your stay here at SoTA.

Josh Beare's Backstory and Flag Request! Hitler-watermelon
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