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The Fabled Story of Danokente Sithi.

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The Fabled Story of Danokente Sithi. Empty The Fabled Story of Danokente Sithi.

Post  FutureGreekProWrestler on Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:25 pm

Danokente grew up off of the coast of the ancient and hidden island of Zehir. Zehir, a tropical landscape, was known for its large vareity of snakes, and the island had a vast population of islanders known as Yuan-Ti, and the country was only known by certain parts of Japan and the Phillipines. Danokente grew up on the streets as a brash and cocky individual. Even though Danokente did not know who his parents were, nor did he go to a school, he was amazingly bright, and had great potential. Due to the fact that Danokente was of pure Yuan-Ti blood, and he grew up on the streets, he was amazingly fast and acrobatic. One day, a circus of some sorts saw Danokente performing acrobatic tricks on the streets for spare change, though little did he ever gain. The circus saw him as a useful endeavor, and as he was only 8 years old at the time, he would only get better with age. Danokente joined the circus and the circus became a smashing success, over the years, Danokente had turned a small buisness into a national phenomenon. Danokente, however, did not only find success in the circus, but also found a motherly figure by the name of Ibisis, the fire eater. Ibisis was an aging woman, however, she was still athletic and youthful, and taught Danokente on proper etiquette, and how to be as gentlemenly as possible, especially around the ladies. Danokente, in gratitude over how Ibisis took care of him, planned to raise enough money in order to buy a nice home and Ibisis and himself did not have to work a day longer. Danokente, now 16 finally reached his goal to make enough money to buy the house of his dreams. However, tragedy struck. During a special show in the circus, Ibisis had to sit on top of a cage filled with venomous snakes while eating fire. The cage broke, and Ibisis fell into this cage of snakes, and was swiftly killed by the venomous snake bites. Danokente, saddened, did not buy the house of his dreams, but instead, bought a small home that he could live in with the ability to eat a steady amount of food. 6 years passed by, and Danokente was 21. The year was 2008, and the natives of the island finally decided that life was getting boring, and if the people found more land, maybe they might find new homes, new trade, new food, anything at all. This expedition was to be traveled by boat.Danokente no longer cared for his tropical home, and joined the expedition to find new land. Fate had different plans, and as soon as the boat was in the middle of the ocean, Danokente fell ill, and had to stay in the inner bulk of the ship. His fever was 103 Farenheit, which is deadly if not treated. Weeks passed by, and Danokente slept and vomited, with no treatment to care for him because medicine was not planned for this trip. When Danokente woke up, however, he found himself feeling energized, and healthy. He lay inside of a bed in a strange home. Little did he know, the boat washed up onto the coast of India, in Madras. And Danokente was taken into somebodies home to be taken care of. Then, a door burst open, with an Indian woman walking in with a jug of water and a basket with fruit inside. The woman, delighted by the fact that Danokente was awake, rushed over to him. This woman introduced herself as Sano Dhiri. She explained that his boat washed up on shore, as it was lost during a storm, and it might be a while till the expedition could return from whence they came. Danokente, however, did not care about that, all he saw was that he was in an amazing new land, and a beautiful woman was sitting next to him and speaking to him. Danokente later introduced himself, and, thanks to the etiquette of Ibisis, was very gentlemanly towards this woman. He was in love. And he decided, "This is the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life." Danokente saw Sano as a cute, beautiful, smart, and kind woman. Then, through tradition, Danokente asked Sano's family if he may pursue Sano as a lover. The family, seeing Danokente as a strong, gentle, handsome, and kind man, gladly accepted. 2 years later, after work and toil, Danokente proposed to Sano, and she accepted. They were married in an Indian traditional way, instead of a Yuan-Ti's traditional marriage, which involved ALOT of snakes, which neither of them wanted. 2 more amazing years passed by, into 2012, Sano And Danokente were happily married, Sano Sithi and Danokente Sithi. It truly was the perfect relationship, and Sano finally decided, she wanted a child. Danokente wanted a child badly, but was not ready, and stated, "We will have this baby in the year 2013, when we are ready." However, then came the 7 hour war. Sano and Danokente were split apart. But did not die. They were put into seperate cities, constantly moving, until finally, they both came into C18......

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