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Hey, itsa me: Microneko!

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Hey, itsa me: Microneko! Empty Hey, itsa me: Microneko!

Post  Microneko on Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:29 pm

Hey! Thanks for clicking on this thread. I know this introduction is a bit late- but what the hell! Why not?

So, I'll just start off with the basics. I've been PC gaming my entire life. Yep. Well, not in a literal sense.. But you get my point. I'm a female seventeen year old. So, that means I've been playing on the PC for a solid 11 years. In a roleplay sense, roughly 5-6 years. Serious roleplay in Garry's Mod for about eight months, so I guess you can say I've got plenty of experience under my belt.

On the side, I've been a PlayStation fan for each console. PS1, PS2, PS3. I have them all in my garage, other than my PS2 and PS3 of course. I've been playing the Playstation console for the same amount I've been playing the PC.

And I assure you, I am glad to consider myself a gamer. What I mean by this, is that a REAL Gamer plays for a new experience, and a challenge.

A common misconception is people who play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are 'gamers'. Nope.avi. Modern Warfare governs no skill at all, and is just a bunch of yelling teenagers saying they have a higher 'prestige' than another, whatever-the-hell that means.

Anyways, I've been suddenly attracted to the calling of HL2RP, which is fan-fucking-tastic. I have a beast computer, in which I spent around 3000-5000 dollars on, and I've saved that money for a long, long, time. It's well worth the wait, I'll say!

I live in North Texas, USA. And I don't mean the Panhandle, I mean the area to the right of it. I live near the Texas Woman's University (TWU) and University of North Texas (UNT). I'm glad to say the City has little-to-no crime, and has some beautiful sights.

Well, I think that's about it about myself, hopefully you actually read this whole thing.. So.. Yeah. See you in the reply section beeeelooww!

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Hey, itsa me: Microneko! Empty Re: Hey, itsa me: Microneko!

Post  Archimedes on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:34 pm

homosexuality is wrong

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