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The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 2.

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The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 2.

Post  FutureGreekProWrestler on Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:04 pm

Topic Title: The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 1. - By: Greek Legend (newbiebutt)
Steam Name: Greek Legend (newbiebutt)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:3481615
Book Name: Danokente Sithi Journal. Part 1
IC Book Author: Danokente Sithi
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?: Unique
Type of book: Journal
Your story:
Hello, to the one that is reading this, may I say congratulations on finding my journal whereas I may have lost it. Or possibly even left it for the good person to actually find this. I am writing a journal that I wish to become a biography. Hopefully it will depending on the reader who has cared to find this and use it. Just remember, reader. That if I am dead.... Remember the name of Danokente Sithi. That name shall be repeated over and over again within this book.

Chapter 2: Sima Yi

My wife and I have always been together, whether spiritually or physically. Most of the time it has been both. You see, it all started when this whole endeavor began. My wife and I were in the same area three times in a row before we were shipped all over the world to different cities. We started our journey in City 29. It was especially safe there because of the nature of the area. Even though I said I would never want to go back to Zehir, I thought it the only rational course afterthe bombs hit. Of course, you may think, "Where did these memories of bombs come from?" Well, my friendly reader... I was lucky, as was my wife. We fled to Zehir. We thought it would be a safe haven due to its unknown location. Of course, once we arrived by boat, we were wrong. It was already captured. But my wife and I were able to sneak in undetected, and we thought acting like we didn't know what had happened was a smart idea. We were thankfully correct. Many of the natives of my homeland were quite rebellious, thus most of my people were wiped out that fateful day. But as time went on, the fighting stopped. This was the most unexpected turn of events I had ever experienced. Such a short fight in the area. Not even an hour. And my people were a strong people. I could only imagine the troubles the others across the world faired. Zehir, being remarkable to my wife, was always asking questions whenever we were free of the oppression for a moment. Such as when we were inside in our selected home/room. I would always tell her of Zeir on those beautiful nights. I truly thought the life of this island was going to end, however. But then, we met the most remarkable man I will ever know. Sima Yi. He was an anomally of human science! In fact, I remember him getting shot 5 times byy one of the units patrolling the area. Not only did he survive, but after a few minuites, he awoke from his pain as if nothing happened. Sima Yi was not only physically amazing, but mentally as well. He managed to make out any tactic, strategy, problem, or fight. All with the use of his words and mind. Mine eyes had deemed him the a perfect man. Kind, gentle, and diplomatic when he wanted. Deadly, strong, and aggressive when needed. He then witnessed something he demed as the most terrible sight in his life. ANd I agreed... The death of 50 children on the island. And then a barrier erected to stop any more life from being produced. That is where many of us drew the line. We were lucky they allowed Sima Yi to keep his walking stick. Little did we know that that was the key to our victory...

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Re: The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 2.

Post  FutureGreekProWrestler on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:21 am

For those of you who loved this series so much. It may be disocntinued and canceled. Thank Noob everyone.

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