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Unit 08280's Journal - By: Microneko

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Unit 08280's Journal - By: Microneko Empty Unit 08280's Journal - By: Microneko

Post  Microneko on Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:28 am

Steam Name: Microneko
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:8407777
Book Name: A simple tape recorder, with a various amount of buttons: Recorder, Pause, Next, Previous, Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, and Delete. There is also an off/on switch on the top.
IC Book Author: Jordan Bourne : Unit 08280
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?: Unique, it is kept in his leather satchel.
Type of book: Audio-Device, which holds audio logs and that sort.
Your story:

[OOC NOTE] I would like to note that you cannot obtain this journal ICly unless you knock him unconscious and loot him, or you steal it from him. You don't have IC knowledge of this, so don't metagame any sensitive information that may/may not be recorded in this journal. Thank you.


Vivid shuffling is heard, before a male voice with no particular accent begins to speak.

Hello? Is this thing on.. Aha, yes it is. So.. Yeah.. This is unit Oh-Eight-Two-Eight-Zero, and this is my first log- I just found a scrapped tape recorder on the sidewalk when I was out patrolling.. There was a few logs already recorded, but it was just strange dripping sounds, as if the person recording was hiding out in the sewers or something... On the third and last log, it was of a woman screaming for several seconds, and then a penetrating sound. It was god-awful, so I deleted it. I haven't told any other units...

Anyways, This is my first day in being with the Combine Civil Authority, and all has been well. I was given a tour of the Nexus, followed up with debriefing of the ranks and divisions with their roles, along with some practical handgun training and Breaching basics. Then, it was just the boring protocol and procedure stuff.

More shuffling is heard before the voice continues.

Hm.. Hmph! Ah, there we go. Oh- At the moment, I have just recently returned from my first practice patrol, and just putting all my equipment beside my bunk in the barracks. This stuff is pretty heavy... I haven't even left the Nexus, other than me going out for patrol, of course. I think I embarrassed myself in front of the Commander when I was examining and familiarizing myself with the 9mm, don't get me wrong, I wasn't completely oblivious to the weapon, I have handled a sidearm before, but it just seemed... Different. Like, it was designed specifically for ease of equipping myself, and for the lightweight feature. It had small recoil, but that fact surprised me to the point where I made it look like it had a crap-ton of recoil! I don't think I did so good at target practice, although the Commander said I did a good job, I feel like.. shit.

I believe that's all that happened, unless I want to menti-

The voice is abruptly interrupted by radio chatter, the only eligible words are: "All", "Units", "Report", and "Detainment Block".
Uhhm... End of Log one.


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