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The forgotten story of Arianna Lancaster.

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The forgotten story of Arianna Lancaster. Empty The forgotten story of Arianna Lancaster.

Post  Microneko on Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:02 am


If you looked inside of the Lancaster's household on the chilly night of September the Third, 1987, you would see a little toddler, filled with elation that she was taking her first steps. There was a man, who held a camcorder in his hand and taking video of his child's first step. He placed a fake smile on his face, but deep down, he was depressed to the point of suicide.

You see, when Arianna Lancaster was born, her mother died of cardiac arrest when delivering Arianna into this cruel world. Arianna never knew anything about her mother, other than a single picture of her and her father at a police station, all suited up and ready to go. Her father would always tell Arianna that her mother was the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on, he always told stories about her that caused Arianna to admire her mother.

Her mother, Angeline Oroh was a member of the Police Force, protecting the citizens in the town of Lewisville, Texas. That's how Angeline met her now beloved husband, Maxaemillion Lancaster. They both went up to the Recruitment office to be trained by the Trainers there. Both of them excelled the Trainers expectations, graduating at the top of their class. The moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew they were destined to be together. The following day of the Recruitment Cycle, Maxaemillion, being a courageous man, asked Angeline out on a date. The first date was a success, with many, many others to come.

When both of them were promoted to Sergeant, Max became engaged to Angeline, and a year later, Arianna was born on the dreadful night of May 26, 1984. Super-cell clouds were casting a dark, shrouded shadow on the town of Lewisville that night. Loud sirens of an Ambulance were heard as Angeline was being rushed to the hospital. When they got there, the Doctors tried all they could to deliver the baby with null complications, but as said before, it was a failure. Her husband waited anxiously outside of the operation room, still in his uniform, as he was at work when he was called to report to the Hospital immediately.

The Doctors looked at the man with despair and failure, one of them held a bloody baby in their arms. The man couldn't resist- he burst in tears, staring at the lifeless body of his wife.

Max took extreme care of his child, wanting her to have a prospering future ahead of her. He moved out of parents' house and bought a house of his own, providing that he had a steady income. He installed a burglary alarm, also installing four more locks to the entrances of the house, to give the child more safety when he wasn't there. It seemed as if she was going to have a bright future, but that all changed when she went to elementary.


Arianna had popularity issues in Elementary School, her father always told her to study hard for her brilliant future. She was the one kid who had A+'s on each and every one of her school papers- the kid that everyone hated. Arianna was a shy child, she never meant any harm to the other children, she always minded her own business, and never paid attention to the spreading gossip and rumors.

There was a group of children that held a grudge against Arianna, due to the fact that she was praised by most parents and all of the teachers for her exemplary grades and attitude. One day, they cornered her as she was walking to school. There were four kids, two girls, two guys. They began to call her names, and laugh at how she walked. One of them toppled the books she held in her hands. Arianna didn't mind when the boy did that, she just picked it up and kept walking.

They still tempered with her, until one of them went far enough to break her glasses. They all laughed as they saw tears welling her eyes when she ran down the street, into her safe haven. Her father was off-work, and noticed she was late when arriving. "What's wrong, pumpkin?" He asked, in his typical gentle voice. The girl couldn't hold in her tears, she pounced forward onto his shoulder cried, explaining everything that happened.

Her father was enraged that a couple of punks would do such a thing. He knew that telling the children's parents would only cause them to hate her more, but hitting them himself would get him in jail for a decade or two. With that in mind, he taught her some basic karate and counter-moves that he was learned when being trained in the Police. She practiced until light was coming from the windows the next day. She already figured out the children's routes to school. She had everything planned out, she would beat the crap out of all of them for causing her harm. Although she had bags under he eyes, her father batched up an energizing feast for breakfast that she ate quickly.

She headed north a few blocks away, acquiring her first target- the boy who crushed her glasses. She hid in the shrouded shadows of a house as he just walked by, not a care in the world. She came from behind him and punched the kid in his gall bladder, paralyzing him. While paralyzed, she pounced on him and went at it on his face, not stopping for anything. She left the kid unconscious, bruises and blood all over his face.

She repeated the same procedure for each of the kids, although it took her until 10:00 A.M., she was obviously tardy for school. With such courage, she walked right into the principal's office and told him what she had done. The principal was stunned, how could a shy child change so quickly? She was expelled from the public school, but when she ran back home, her father was happy at her success, but of course he had to put the, 'Oh, I'm so mad at her." act when the FOX news came for an interview.


Her father enrolled her into a Martial Arts Dojo on the outskirts of town. She was trained in the martial arts of Kendo, Karate, and Kung-Fu, gaining her universal black-belt at the age of Sixteen. Although, from the day she attacked her pursuers, she never used her skills for evil, but only for self-defense and the greater good.

When she was expelled, her father home-schooled her the way HE wanted it. Monday and Wednesday were his days off, so that would be her 'weekend', technically. He was like any other home-school teacher, but with a slight variation. When she turned 13, every Monday he would take her to the firing range at his job and taught her how to reduce recoil, steady her aim, and showed her the basic and most important components of the weapon. Although she was a fast learner, it took her a year and a half to successfully master her accuracy and and cope with the major recoil of most weapons.

Her father, and a few of the firearm training instructors taught her how to use Dual Uzi's, any variation of 9mm, various sub-machine guns (including the MP7 and UMP45), and an M16A1 Rifle throughout the course of her life, even after her teenage years. It took her roughly 5-12 years to master the art of Lethal firing weapons, 2-3 years for each weapon.

A gang of rapists attempted to rape her when she was 17, but she picked them off like flies, as their fighting techniques were sloppy and executed roughly. Needless to say, sexual assaults weren't a bother to her.


Five hours after she turned twenty-four, she thought she was prepared for the demeaning and resource-demanding lifestyle of being a Police Officer. She was driving in her 2001 Camry, her father in the car with her. It was an unidentified date in the year of 2015, when the Combine attacked.

Half-way to the Police Station, she looked up at the sky. There were portals opening up from nothing, strange aircraft flying in from space and hitting planet Earth with mysterious weaponry mounted on them. She and her father nodded at each other and exited the vehicle. They didn't get off to a good running start, because a dropship landing nearby and... 'things' in white armor with an armbands labeled with strange insignias started coming out of the back, holding enormous weapons that shot bullets that she couldn't identify.

The super-soldiers were catching up to her and her father, running at extremely fast speeds. She saw her father grab something from his pants, he put the object to head-length and Arianna was able to identify it. The object was a black M9-Beretta, she was supposed to receive that for her first time when they were supposed to arrive at the Police station.

Now's a better time than ever, she thought to herself as he loaded a clip into one of the masked men. The Kevlar was too strong, and the bullet simply bounced off. The masked creatures identified him as a hostile and shot him down with 1 compressed dark-matter singularity to the chest.

Arianna stopped running when she saw her father stop in his tracks, staring at her with a blank face. He fell to the ground, dead before he could say one final goodbye. Arianna sat beside him, crying over his dead body, telling him to 'wake up'. She vouched that moment she would kill these mysterious alien invaders if it were the last thing she would do. A minute later, she felt a blunt object hit the back of her head and blacked out. To this day, her whereabouts are unknown.

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The forgotten story of Arianna Lancaster. Empty Re: The forgotten story of Arianna Lancaster.

Post  Microneko on Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:04 am

Just to clear up confusion; if any-

No, I'm not going to make this an actual character, because she would be overpowered. This is just a back-story for a character I WAS going to make but found out it's extremely overpowered if the character had a weapon. Sad

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