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Ivan Checkov

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Ivan Checkov Empty Ivan Checkov

Post  OneCoolGeezer on Wed May 30, 2012 9:22 pm

His Back story:
Ivan Checkov. Born in Russia with his alcoholic father and abusing mother. He never wanted to disrespect them, he just wanted to excel in school and become somebody better than his parents. He had only one brother, and his name was Issac. He and Issac endured the beatings and whippings everyday, even if they did something or not. Ivan, as well as Issac, would go to school with bruises and cuts and blame it on trips, bumps, and accidents. The police would occasionally question him, but he lied and lied, just to escape the beatings. His parent's would rarely feed him, and when they did, they gave him a morsel of leftovers or just whipped him for even trying to eat. He would endure the beatings and pretend he was getting closer to heaven. Everyday he would be whipped, it was a terrible painful viscous cycle of merciless pain and suffering. Issac couldn't wait till he became 18. But as Ivan noticed, Issac was slowly going insane. Ivan thought Issac was going to be fine,until he realized Issac would rebel after hearing him talk to the wall. He had a close eye on Issac, but he could not stop him. He watched as Issac smashed his father's beer bottle on his father's head. His mother saw this happen and rushed straight away to him, slapping and whipping him mercilessly until his back was a patterned piece of flesh. Ivan watched all this through his bedroom window. Once the mother was done, she didn't bother to pour any alcohol on the wounds, so Issac just laid there, beaten and covered in blood. Ivan slowly approached Issac, tears slowly falling down his cheek. As Issac moaned and groaned, his father woke up and crushed Issac 's skull with a bat., saying "Stop groaning you pathetic piece of shit!". As Ivan stood there crying, the police quickly rushed to the house, asking Ivan what happened. Ivan stared at the officer,and said one word. "Parents." The officer understood and arrested Ivan's parents. Ivan was taken to a foster home, where the combine attacked. He was 18 at the time, so he just took the beatings they gave him. He then realized his parents were a part of the rebel organization after they busted out of jail. Once he saw the Civil Protection officer mercilessly beat a rebel, he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to join the Civil Protection.
Ivan's Personality: Sometimes can be very quiet,
Can explode in rage
Will do drastic things in order to save who he loves.
Smart and helpful
Ivan's description:
A man in his early 30's
Brown- Dark red eyes
Light Russian accent

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Ivan Checkov Empty Re: Ivan Checkov

Post  Noobstrike on Wed May 30, 2012 11:17 pm

Alot of people I see now is either one of three things:
A smart-fat german, with abusive parents
A toughh-ass russian, with abusive parents
A mutated zombiething as an excuse to powergame, with abusive parents
LOL. Very good backstory though, If I was issac, I would have rented an ak47 from the gas station and...delt...with the parents <3

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Ivan Checkov Empty Re: Ivan Checkov

Post  OneCoolGeezer on Thu May 31, 2012 3:26 pm

Thanks man, I worked really hard on it, but alas, I am sick with the flu. I hope to get better and play on the server.

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Ivan Checkov Empty Re: Ivan Checkov

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