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The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 3.

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The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 3. Empty The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 3.

Post  FutureGreekProWrestler on Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:42 pm

Topic Title: The Journal of Danokente Sithi. Part 3. - By: Greek Legend (newbiebutt)
Steam Name: Greek Legend (newbiebutt)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:3481615
Book Name: Danokente Sithi Journal. Part 3
IC Book Author: Danokente Sithi
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?: Unique
Type of book: Journal
Your story:
Hello, to the one that is reading this, may I say congratulations on finding my journal whereas I may have lost it. Or possibly even left it for the good person to actually find this. I am writing a journal that I wish to become a biography. Hopefully it will depending on the reader who has cared to find this and use it. Just remember, reader. That if I am dead.... Remember the name of Danokente Sithi. That name shall be repeated over and over again within this book.

Chapter 3: A Revolution

Sima Yi... Oh how to describe the man? He was revolutionary to say the least. And he is a genius. He always planned and planned. And always kept his walking stick at his side. We always wondered as to why he had said walking stick. He told us that we would figure out in due time. And we did. At least... We believe so.... The walking stick is a weapon, from our knowledge. And it made Sima Yi seem so very classy. Sima Yi, with his unbreakable will, was symbolized by his unbreakable walking stick. He would always try to make allies out of those who would prejudice him. Or even attack him on sight. Bu twhen it came down to it. Sima Yi could be a cold hard killer. One day, we were approached by one of those units. He had come up, and was looking for trouble. He then flicked on his stunstick and smacked my wife in the stomach. Right in front of our very own eyes. Sima Yi, angered, flew into a lightning fast offensive. He actually used the sharp end of his walking stick and it shot THROUGH the CCA unit's kevlar, chest, back, then back kevlar. In one fell stab! It was truly amazing. He then ran away from the scene, urging us to follow. I may have stated this in my other book. But, my wife and I were a part of the local resistance against the Universal Union. And thus, we had been able to form a large group of soldiers and militia men. We had taken over the settlement. Though it was called a city, we just saw it as a small villiage with barely any protection from anything. We had taken the area. All we did was chare with tools that were given to us to go to work. And we just decimated the entire group they sent after us. There were 7 of us. Sima Yi, Sano, Reeves, Garret, Demetrios, Wight, and I. Little did we know that we ended up escaping the area. On the UU's own machines. Sent to us to embark onto a new area to sort out the mess on the island. THis is the last time I saw my home. For as we departed. They did the most disastorous thing anyone can do. Wipe it off the face of the Earth. A bomb. An kinetic cannon. And in a flash, looking at my home. Where I grew up. Lived with my adoptive mother. Did acts for the circus.... All gone.... This brought a fire inside me that I never knew I had. And then I knew that fighting was our only option. Or it was death, reconstruction, and slavery. I wanted a home for Sano and I. A child. A life where we could be free. And so, the 7 of us went to multiple settlements. And now that we were in the EurAsia area, we had to move on foot. Ensuring that we wouldn't be gunned down. We ended up building an army. 50 men and women willing to fight for their freedom. And then we even had done the impossible. Sima Yi devised a strategy so perfect, it couldn't fail. And we destroyed an entire Citadel. Not a single soul of our army had been taken out. We even had made a few more troops. One of which was a man named Ketal'Shinay Nuroudo'Naska.....


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