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Paul "Blade" Reed's Upgraded backstory.

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Paul "Blade" Reed's Upgraded backstory. Empty Paul "Blade" Reed's Upgraded backstory.

Post  Spade on Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:41 am

Birth Place:Paul was born in Hopkins hospital in England,His mother died when he was born and never met his mother.So his dad put him up for adoption where someone by the name of Jerry Michael's adpoted him.

Childhood Years:Paul went to Jackson Elementry K-8.Then when he got into Middle School his parents couldn't afford to help him with anything so they left him in the middle of a High way one night,With no cell phone to call for help.So he had to teach hisself how to survive so he joined a group The Shadow Anarchists so he could gain some money and raise his self.

Teenage Years:Paul took as much money he could leaving with $40,000 Dollars and moved to Cincinnati,Ohio and attended Xaiver High School,He Joined a Band with 3 other people named Dave,Steve,and Jake.The band fell to its end when the Drummer Dave died.He thought that he couldn't be in it without the oringinal members.He Bailed out of high school when he was 17,and got a job as a Technichian who works on Computers.

Early Adult Years:Paul had just turned 27 when the Combine attacked but he didn't know they were coming.His turned his TV on with bars going over the screen saying *THIS IS NOT A WARNING.A ELETRONIC ARMY IS ATTACKING.PLEASE STAY INSIDE*
He ran outside and got in the back of a open Semi and closed the doors of it,The COMBINE looked in there seeing him and knocking him out where he couldn't do anything.

Arriving:He arrived in a brand new C18 Jumpsuit and met up with his bilogical brother Christopher Reed who wasn't put up for adoption,and found out.Him and Chris met up with Ace and gained his trustworthy becoming trusted malignants.His brother Chris died a few months later and made his anger grow huge.He became a HVT for CCA/OTA.

Resistance:He and Sixx found a man named John Jackson also known as reaper and Reaper got malignant dieing quick,All the rebels were dieing off and there was about 4.Then one day Sixx was killed,Then Jared.The only remaining Resistance members are Sword,Kelly,Phantom and Blade.Now they started recruiting sorta with Two new members.Carter Carson and Victor Cross.Paul is still willing to fight for the glory of Resistance and will fight till he dies and of course that might take a while.

There will be more soon.


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