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Zero's Backround Story

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Zero's Backround Story Empty Zero's Backround Story

Post  DeadCherry on Thu May 31, 2012 7:53 pm


Zero was born in a small town in the states to a middle class family lacking any brothers and sisters. Zero throughout his childhood suffered from bi-polar disorder and had many emotional problems. As a child Zero was quite innocent but one day in particular challenged his innocence. At the age of 12 Zero came home to find his mother on the floor dead, cold lying in her own warm blood naked. She had been raped and killed by Zero's father. Zero, in shock grabbed the closes object he could find, a metal baseball bat and headed to the kitchen with every step his heart pumping. He entered the kitchen to find his father bleeding from the arm with a bloody knife to his side on the kitchen table next to where he sat and the barrel of a magnum staring Zero down the face. As tears rolled down his fathers eyes his father redirected the direction of his magnum to his own head where he blew his brains out shooting the blood out onto Zero's face.

After the 7 Hour War

The Seven Hour War came, Zero did not bother hiding, and gave himself up during the war. The year 2013 came about and combat scientist were trying out a new kind of experimental transhuman experiment and began to pull out test subjects from the crowds in the city, Zero was one. The citizens were blind folded and taken into dark rooms where chemicals were released seeing what their body could take, some in the process fell to the floor dead blindfolded not even knowing what hit them. Zero and a few others survived where they were layed and strapped down to an operating table side by side to eachother. The man next to Zero was first, where they cut open into his skin without him sleeping, The mans heart beat went up and he went into cardiac arrest, his body kept tossing and turning, his chest popping out where he finnally stopped moving, the man next to Zero was at peace. A few others went through the operation where only Zero was left. They went to Zero cleaning their knife and stuck needles into him replacing his cells, the cells flowed through his body. Blood dripped all across his body as he can feel himself losing huge ammounts of blood, thinking how this experiment can even be sane, and there he layed baptised in his own blood, reborn. The day the UU his new fathers, tried to take his humanity. Zero broke from the operating table and grabbed the helix smashing and killing him violently along with the rest in a angry rage, murdered each and every god forsaken one of them. He escaped that night naked into the streets. The UU tried to classify the events of that day, as if it never happened.

City 45

News of Zero became famous gossip around local cities, Zero made rest and new home at a old factory in the District Six area of City 45. One day a group of rogues traveling together, armour torn found the factory as a safe haven, they had just escaped the nexus. Zero took these rogues as his apprentices, where he formed the first of the triad enclave, the triad. a group of theorys formed by Zero. Later approached by Zero was Phantom, then Ace last, who was not a rogue in particular and recognized the enclave as a resistance group and quickly tried to join. At first Ace did not fit in among the group or rogues but quickly found his place. The UU did not take kindly to Zero's group and flooded the District six area with exogen lifeforms making the place close to impossible to live in. Zero found that the slums was not fit of a place to live in, and his own safety is not worth the life of his entire group. Without hesistation Zero left to City 18 through the Universal Union's expansive subway system. During the ride to City 18, most of the rogues did not make it, this includes Dragon and Jury and all the rest, leaving only Ace and Phantom by his side.

City 18

Zero and the rest who survived and finally made it to City 18, home of Zero's baptism, or.. Operation... Zero finally placed Ace into his ranks as a leader figure of what he now called the resistance. Time had past and Zero had grown closer to Phantom. Zero began to experiance man's developed emotion, love. He later found out that Ace had simular feelings for Phantom and from there felt a very different emotion, Zero experiance the emotion of anger. The emotion got to Zero's head where he set up a chain of events that caused Ace to land in detainment and causing his apartment to get burned down by local units. When Zero finally got back with a set mind he saw what he had done, but he had proven his point "This is my game, tip the chess peice, and I tip the board." Out of pitty and seeing what he had done, Zero let Ace out seeing what he had done, emberressed he allowed another emotion to get to him and later attempted suicide. Though Phantom later stopped him Zero simply ran away and walked back into the deep shadows of the slums for the rest of the night to go into deep thought in solitude. A few days later Zero grew back into his senses. He had been watching Aces actions that day, Ace had gone back to his gloomy depressed self but Zero noticed a sense of Ace's apathetic attitude on that day. After Ace finished conversating with one rebel he layed in the room alone holding his own magnum to his head about to commit suicide. Zero spawned before him announcing his birth name. Ace stopped for a moment staring at Zero is a quiet cold room, the room was filled with silence. Ace and Zero then spawned outside of City 18 and a dark endless void world, where Zero spoke and taught Ace to have a sense of Hope, which inspired Ace from that day on to hold the resistance on his back no matter how much he stressed. Later on Ace moved on to another place where Phantom slowly fell in love with Zero. Ace later came back 6 months later, and Phantom was very confused. Zero saw how Phantom felt about Ace, and allowed Love to set place where it belongs, and let her go.

Thats it so far.