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Re CCA application

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Re CCA application

Post  xbladeallen on Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:58 pm

Name:Stephen Shifflett
Country of origin:Ireland
Hair colour:Black
Eye colour:Brown

Specific skills and specialist, such as medical knowlege, knowlege of technology etc?:
I am a bit of a skilled medic and i know tons about technology such as how to repair them. With my knowledge of medicine i know how to fix bullet wounds antilon bites and minor amputations.

Have you had any previous affiliations with the CCA of the city or the UU as a whole?:
I have not but i have been friends with some CCA.

Have you had any previous infactions from the CCA or the UU as a whole?:
No i have not.

Steam name:Xbladeallen
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:2880974
Age: 13
How long have you been roleplaying?:
2 years of darkrp
1 year of serious rp.

/me Sees a citizen disturbing the peace
CCA-CORE-05.41200 yells Sir stop it your making citizens nervous
Citizen says Shut up your nothing but a low rank civil protection
/me Pulls out stun stick from belt
/me flicks the safety on
CCA-CORE-05.41200 How about this sir last warning
Citizen says How about this
/it citizen obviously drunk
/it citizen attempts to throw can
/me attempts to catch the can in midair
*CCA-CORE-05.41200 rolls 19 out of 100
*Citizen rolls 82 out of 100
/it Can hits CCA-CORE-05.41200 in the head*
/me gets enraged a bit
CCA-CORE-05.41200 says Sir now you have to pick the can up or face civil judgement
Citizen says Yeah then do it
/me swings stun stick at the man
/it citizen attempts to knock it out of CCA-CORE-05.41200 hand
*CCA-CORE-05.41200 rolls 92 out of 100*
*Citizen rolls 12 out of 100*
Citizen says ah crap
/me hits the citizen knocking him out with stun stick

Stephen Shifflett is a 24 year old man from a dubland ireland. He knows several skills from his job as a Police officer in ireland. He knew how to use a gun and knew several types of medical procedures. He grew up from a wealthy family of 3 sisters and him the only brother in the family. When he was forced to move to city 17 on his first year he was robbed and beaten several times. But at the last time he was on the floor he decided to join the CCA To show he is no ones punching bag.

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Re: Re CCA application

Post  Noobstrike on Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:27 pm


Your RP examples are OK, But I don't feel that you understand the job of CCA competely. In your /me and /it examples, you said the citizen was "Obviously drunk"...and then said to him after noticing "Pick up the can OR face civil judgement." By this point, there would be no OR...the combine wouldn't even put up with him being drunk. Now he wouldn't be detained for saying "Shut up", but he would be jailed right away for intoxication. Yes, your backstory is 6 lines, but I feel it should be a little more descriptive with all the details you have put in it. HOW does he know how to handle a gun? WHERE did he learn medical procedures, etc. One thing I did like though was that you incorporated /roll. This isn't nessesary, but it does fit the game more.

Try again in two days.

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