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Kason 'JuryDuty' Maxis Empty Kason 'JuryDuty' Maxis

Post  DADicky on Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:50 pm

Kason Maxis was born in April 26, 1996 in the Free State of Bavaria, being born as a German. He spent much of his childhood in the little town called "Rosenheim." He was abandoned by his father and mother, when born in a hospital. The nurses called and called trying to get a signal from his parents, but no luck. He was given to an orphanage, right next to a nearby church. Following that, much of his time spent was following his religious thoughts and beliefs about being a plain Christian. Kason was a very shy, but intellectual child who wondered religiously and spiritually within god and the people at the church, because that was the only thing that was a “parental” benefit in his life. He followed god with the church people as if a son was following a father’s footsteps. Yet, Kason always had a not-caring perspective lurking behind him in his childhood. He was sick always and sometimes gave up being successful, to his thoughts about being a poor child in an average orphanage who meant nothing to anybody and nobody cared. He had a lot of influences in his life, including many disorders such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), slight case of being Bipolar, and having his anger issues from Conduct disorder diagnosed in early childhood. As having Conduct disorder, he was very antisocial and only believed in god. He was shy and never liked talking to anyone about anything. His conduct disorder and his bipolar issue caused him his stay in the orphanage. For much of his wrong-doings was he cruelly beaten purple by Nuns because his lack of calmness. His aggression pushed him so far off the limited he left the orphanage, after right hooking a nun in the side of the face. He did not regret what he did. He never liked much of the orphanage, only the church near it. He left towards the church, say goodbye, and the priest offered him up to being baptized as he will be departing into his new future ahead of his dull life. He took the chance, and was baptized, eagerly excited the whole time to be praised by god himself. As he left, he followed the market of the street. He sold all of things he brought from the Orphanage, and made a decent profit. He left to bus stop, and made his mark to live a different life in Aschaffenburg, Germany. He there, at age 11, spent his years saving up from fellow people to buy a ticket to the U.S. He dreamed of practicing god there, and to be able to meet new people. Years went by as the American dream he sought out came to reality. He was 18, and arrived on American soil. Not long later did he begin practicing in the belief of god, and being able to learn English for the first year. He was fluent with English at age 20; he started to talk more and more, while the Conduct disorder had left much of him. 2 months later, an occurrence of a raging war to be started by a group of Combines, which turned into the Seven’ Hour War. The earth falls to Combines and he was first transported to a nearby City, City 45. His time there made him more gradually lower his self-esteem and his life forever. He became Shy once again and talked rarely. His thoughts of a religious life had disperse from his mind, and being dictated already and nothing to do much, He starts to live his life as a Loyalist. Since He was a Loyalist, he was offered greatly by a Sectorial from the city to be a Combine. The reason later told him by the Sectorial on why they made him a Combine, is simply put of his Disorders, to be harsher on most citizens. As he takes down the role as a RCT, he progresses to the stage of OfC, (Which He wanted to always be JURY, but never got through to it, and that how he got his nickname JuryDuty.) staging his own group of RCTS to 05, and moves to repeat the processes. This continued till the stage of his life where he got so mentally agitated with the conduct disorder that plainly infered with his anger that he stormed through a CP gate without even giving ID, or any info on him. Which the guard address a Final staged OfC to tell me that I had to be reeducated, and did Kason know what he meant. He was about to be beaten until his blood boiled to the sharp point where he took out his Magnum and aimed it at the Final Stage OfC. Kason made his way to open the gate door, and sprinted out. As he dodged multiple bullets he encountered the slums gate district. As he bolted through the corridor of the gate he quickly stumbled upon a female medic of resistance, known as Phantom. He looks at her, and then asked for help as he tried to catch his breath. Phantom took his hand as she lead him to a base of their operations and lead me into a hidden door. Since Kason was trapped and had known where to go, He aimed his magnum at the hidden entrance of the door. As a flying combine ship travels through the air, it rumbles the ground of his little hideout. He trips over, getting back up. Kason was later addressed that “Sword” whom he didn’t know, shot at the SUPComm, but rarely injured him. Following, Sword was shot multiple times by the SUPComm. Which, sword injured; Phantom resorted to the plan which caused the end of the base. She threatened the synthetic alien trash to keep from entering the building. As the SUPComm ignored the comments, It paid the price. Phantom bravely pressing a button igniting tons of dynamite throughout the base, as SUPCOMM dies, and Phantom is injured beneath the rubble of the no longer to be base. As he quickly exits the rubble, he moves towards phantom beneath the rubble, and removes the destroyed ruins of the base that used to be. As Phantom got up, She ignored Kason and went to Sword. He muttered momentarily as they took him to Zero’s basement and healed him. This is what Kason has came to be Age 20. Following his time, Weeks pass, Kason has strayed from the combine, As he finally tries to conversate with Zero, Whom ignores him, Kason leaves and wanders around the slums, meeting to whom is future relationship binded in, Dragon. As they start to encounter each other, It is love in first sight. Days later as they have already became "Overcomfortable" He reencounters a girl named Sword. Kason usually undominate around her, and is shy mainly due to the fact that she was only trying to befreind him in a sexual way. Months pass, and Kason eventually tells dragon that he would leave away from city 45, Dragon pleading to make him stay. He leave because he needed to see and help others, as this city is done for. As Kason's trip is made, He changes due to all the terror, horror, and death on his journey. He returns to city 18, Which he meets his fellow rogues, and enclave members once again, except... Some of them never came out of city 45. As he sees dragon again, they are together. Not long after, Does he meet Storm, a new rogue. He is caught with Storm in the City Slums, took to the prison of city 18. At this point of time, Minutes before he was saved by The man in the blue suit, and Zero, Dragon dies from a encounter of Civil Protection. He isn't told about it until he finally escapes, figuring out she's dead. He goes through a massive depression. He lives still in City 18.

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Kason 'JuryDuty' Maxis Empty Re: Kason 'JuryDuty' Maxis

Post  Noobstrike on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:15 pm

Nice Very Happy Never knew like any of this stuff about kason, and you made the story of me blowing the building to shit sound epic XD I gusse you got tired and stopped tho because you didn't add dragon and c18 and shhstuf yet? Can't vait to read ze rest.

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