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My Application - Marcus Hardy

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My Application - Marcus Hardy

Post  Marcus Hardy on Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:56 pm

OOC Information
Steam Friends Name:Marcus XD

Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:42759085

IC Information: Name: Marcus Hardy
Description:Age-47|5'o Clock Shadow|Missing Middle Finger|Blue Jump Suit|Wrinkly Face
How long have you been role playing: Over a year of serious roleplay and have gained alot of experiance from it

Why do you want to join the CCA? :I would like to join the CCA because i would like to interact more and have more choices with RP.

What makes you think you are suited for the job ? :
I think i am suited for the job as i have been CP ,UCP and MPF on many other servers and i have been known for being responsible and mature to RP my highest rank on a server was a DvL.Nethertheless i follow the rules to the mark.

How does a CCA act ? :They conquered the world in 7 hours, they are not afraid of any citizen however some of them fear the resistance.

What are a CCA's main tasks ? :To patrol the streets and maintain the law making sure no contraband items are in the hands of the citizens.

How are you expected to act toward your superiors ? :
I will obey any order they give me and I will fear them slightly.

Do i understand what a A recruit is and what they do/feel: A recruit is pretty much a citizen in a uniform meaning they got the same feelings as a citizen, the higher rank they get the more "cyborg-like" they become and at the point of 02+ they can barely feel any feelings other then happines after abusing a citizen.

Can you give me a roleplay example ? :
Roleplay Ex of CCA:
/me Patrols around corner.
/me Looks around the area checking for disturbance.
/it The air is silent and a few citizens walk past.
/me Spots a particular citizen.
/it He walks toward me.
Citizen Says: Hey you combine B******.
I say: What did you say?
Citizen Says: You heard me.
/me Flicks on stunstick, Firmly holding the grip, turning it to high voltage.
I say: Get on the wall.
Citizen Says: Why?
I say: Get... On the wall.
Citizen Says: Fine you combine B******.
I Say: Apply
Citizen Says: I'm not telling you crap.
I Say: I said, Apply!
Citizen Says: Bull-crap, I didn't do Crap.
I say: Hmm. Unfit for the civil community
/me Attempts to knock out Citizen with Stunstick.
/I roll 51 out of 100.
/Citizen Rolls 49 out of 100.
/me Knocks out citizen and Ties him up.
/me Walks to nexus and tosses citizen in cell for 2 cycles of detainment.
/me locks Combine lock and walks off to patrol more.

Character back story: Marcus Hardy, 47 Years old only lives with his uncle Mathew Henderson in Britain. His mother, and Father died of a terrible disease with a unknown source it was from, What he only knew of his uncle was that he was a civil union's worker, one day, a couple of bandit rebels, not even real rebels but thugs came to their door, They knocked loudly on the door, Since they knew Marcus's uncle was working for the combine they were up to murdering all associates of the CCA, When his uncle came to the door and opened it there was a loud boom, it was a gunshot. When Marcus ran to the door to see what happened, someone dropped to the floor... It was his uncle, one of the thugs stared at Marcus with a shine in his eyes there were about 5 of them. Shock gripped Marcus's throat, he was utterly shocked and silent, his emotions boiled up into a steaming rage, He clenched his fists and lashed out at the thug with the 9mm pistol, Mike Heard a satisfying crunch as he broke the nose of his foe, when he looked up there was blood gushing from his nostrils, just then the other 4 thugs grabbed Marcus, kicked him in the gut and finished by knocking him out with one swift kick... Marcus, slowly woke up feeling the ground around him, he was in an alley, just then he saw a light and figures approaching, they had white masks with vests and greenish trousers, it was the CCA they shined the flashlight in Marcus's eyes, one of them nodded to another, the Cp with the flashlight pulled out a syringe and stuck it in Marcus's arm, Immediately he was sent back into darkness of sleep.... [8 Years later] Marcus, 47, heads to a big building with blaring speakers
announcing propaganda. Its a train station he heads toward a train marked with City 18, before he gets on, CCA pat him down and take mugshots of him, as he gets on he huffs with exasperation and climbs aboard, Lastly... The train rolls away from the station platform, Heading to his new future.
Marcus Hardy
Marcus Hardy

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Re: My Application - Marcus Hardy

Post  Snake4199 on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:53 pm

Posted in wrong area

Shit... I'm back to the anime perv I used to be back when I was in 6th grade(KissXSis)

What is love?

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