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Content Pack trouble...

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Content Pack trouble... Empty Content Pack trouble...

Post  lco890 on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:22 am

Hi so i downloaded the DA server content pack thing and well it's caused a lot of problems. 1st i don't know where to put it and second when i tried it messed up some things. Number one it didn't work and number two it caused a lot of texture errors on the server's title screen (where you click new, load or leave) The title is a purple and black checkered box and also when i create a new person the box where it says citizen and has four people is also i giant purple and black checkered box. It's not just the title screen, the box that pops up when you change weapons with the mouse wheal is a checkered box too. I just want to make a nexus staff character and be able to actually see the model i'm picking. That's how this all got started. Any help would be appreciated, thx guys. Sorry this was so long.

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Content Pack trouble... Empty Re: Content Pack trouble...

Post  Noobstrike on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:35 am

Alright um...I don't know why it fucked up your textures...thats new. BUT. If you don't have WinRar acrhiver, download the free trial (The trial is actually permament because they can't remove it from your computer, Dumbshits XD) and once its downloaded, click the content pack download, (DO NOT REDOWNLOAD) and click the window that appears on the bottom screen of your internet browser. Hit view downloads, click the scroll down button by the "Open" bar, and click "open with-" select winrar, look for "Extract files" in winrar toolbar, and extract the file to garrysmod/garrysmod. This works assuming you have a windows computer. My garrysmod/garrysmod folder is found by going into Computer:C/ProgramfilesX86/Steam/Steammapps/(My username)/garrysmod/garrysmod. Hope this helps.

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Content Pack trouble... Empty Re: Content Pack trouble...

Post  DeadCherry on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:22 pm

Thanks Boobstrike

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Content Pack trouble... Empty Re: Content Pack trouble...

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