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Eyecberg's Vort app Empty Eyecberg's Vort app

Post  eyecberg on Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:23 pm

Character Names: Daniel Goss, Shadow.SqL
Steam Name: Eyecberg

Why do you want to play as a Vortigaunt? (Explain in atleast one paragraph of why you want to be a Vortigaunt OOC'ly)
I have found that vortiguant characters are wise and I trully dislike how society is right no and how the human race itself has had so many stupid wars and relentless violence all in the name for country or religion. Also I really want to try out this fascinating role-play I never ever have been a vortiguant but I do role-play with vortiguants allot. So I guess you could call me curious to the role-play itself, I really would like to try it out and see if I could advance in the role-play :3.

How should you act as a Vortigaunt?( Explain in atleast one paragraphs )
Wise calm and non-violent at most times. I should talk to people like some type of machine referring to myself as This one. I would talk to humans in a calm way most likely be helpful to those who need it, I would not go around like a lol rebel but would be more of a scared vortiguant. I would ic'ly fear the chances of getting put back in chains and those gay diapers again, so I would hide allot and not get involved with the rebels attacks on the combine unless a real good IC reason came up. I won't be using Vort essence like this *Combine aims gun at me*, *Kills combine with vort essence before he can pull trigger**. There is a time period before you could try a vortiguant essence type of attack and I will start of as a young one so that way it could explain the lack of knowledge of the combine, I would try find a more wiser vortiguant to learn from slightly like being an apprentice. After that I would be fully equipped to live my Vortiguant life OOC'ly and Ic'ly I would also find out ooc'ly about what the limits are of the vortiguants and what exactly they can do with vort essence.
What do you expect your experience to be like? ( One paragraph atleast )

Desired Vortigaunt Name: Kla 'So Rahl.

Describe the history, psychology, and physiology of the Vortigaunt species: The vortiguants or Xen Slaves originated from an unknown homeworld, when the combine invaded the homeworld those who were not enslaved flee'd to Xen. After they arrived to Xen, they viewed the black mesa incident there master Nihilanth viewed the portal as a chance to escape, when they flee'd to the Human homeworld they joined the resistance group lead by humans. They now assist the resistance in there struggle to overthrow the combines powerful ruling fist. They have two arms and legs and a small arm in the middle known as a bi-pedal they have an access to a powerful energy called vort essence that allows them to do various things that no human could do, such as Flux Shifting.
Describe your Vortigaunt's personality and/or backstory:
My vortiguant will get a backstory by expierencing things in-game and learning from other players and vortiguant players. He is an un-slaved young vortiguant currently hiding from the combine, his curiousity of freedom went to far and ended up casting him out into the slums. He does not think of the rebels as people to be-friend due to the fear of being caught and killed with the rebels or citizens he helps, he tends to wounds at times and gives off any knowledge he can to those unlucky enough to be injured or to be in hiding. He has two arms two legs and a bi-pedal, he also can use his vort essence for electrical attacks and Flux Shifting(I do not know too much about the healing so I will ask before even saying anything about that, so I don't come off ignorant).

Write out two situations, One where your vortigaunt interacts with a citizen, another where your vortigaunt interacts with a Combine Unit:
(The name was made in 5 seconds do not judge me, also forgive me for any noobishness to this vortiguant role-play I promise to learn on the job).
Kla So'rahl begins to sweep the floor of cans he piles them up into a small pile somewhat being sadenned he looks at the good work he has done, he than looks behind him seeing a giant layer of pure garbage and food on the ground he becomes sadenned walking slowly towards the pile of garbage using the wooden part of the brush to scrape the food off the ground. He than begins to push the chunks over to the pile of garbage.
MPF-04 walks over looking at the vortiguant somewhat being amused he steps right in the middle of the garbage, some cans flinging left and right as he does.
Kla So'rahl Looks angrilly at the 04 quickly looking away as the 04 glances back at him. He grabs his broom with and with a strong grip he pulls the cans back over to the pile, he than picks all the garbage up into one pile in his hands dropping it into the dumpster nearby.
MPF-04 chuckles as he walks towards the TunCEP, he radios in something only seeming to be a mutter to the vortiguant.
Kla So'rahl wipes his arms of garbage walking over towards the other side of the district sweeping cans into a pile once more he wonders about the life of those who are free from the combines long dark shadow.
Civilian One goes over to the Vortiguant he begins to pick up rubbish placing it into the bin, seemingly helping the vortiguant.
Kla So'rahl says "This one is pleaaased...".
Civilian One nods to him and gives a quiet smile to him, he than says "If you ever need any help just ask, I am happy to help out the vortiguants as you have all helped me in my time of need."
Kla So'rahl simply nods to him going back to sweeping his mind begins to cloud, more questions and puzzles trying to be solved in his young mind.
MPF-02 approaches to shove the Vortiguant as he walks up to him "Move to the nexus! Biotic!" He speaks angrily seeming to having some kind of racist hate towards the Vortiguants.
Kla So'rahl begins to walk back to the Nexus his mind boggled still, although fear grips him as he approaches the nexus door wondering if it will be the last time he see's sunlight.

// Once again I apologize for any knowledge that I am lacking but I really do want to learn and will learn everything I need to know, I have already looked at the wiki but it does not answer all my RP questions.

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Eyecberg's Vort app Empty Re: Eyecberg's Vort app

Post  DeadCherry on Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:52 pm


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