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Post  Xaoz on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:40 pm

Steam name:Xaoz
Steam ID:
How long have you been roleplaying?:For about seven years.

20 lines of roleplay examples, using /it and /me.
/it A cold breeze blows over the hooded figure
/me Grabs the front of his coat, pulling it over him more
/me Begins walking down the street, holding his coat tightly against his Green Skin
/it Some ruslting is heard down an alley that breaks off the street
/me Turns quickly, his large Red eye peering down the alley for signs of life
/it Something large runs across the alley into another breakoff inside the alley-way
/me Reaches into his coat for his trusty flashlight
/it The noise of nearbye rustling continues to grow louder... Approaching
/me Finally pulls out the flashlight, pointing it down the alley to reveal the Antlion
/it The Antlion screeches at a pitch that Akir'Tok has never heard
/me Gasps at the noise, extending his arm and blasting a beam of electricity
/it Screeches even louder, it's wings flapping so fast they are a facsimilie to a MG
/me Drops the flashlight, using his second hand to blast more lightning at it
/it Flies down the alley toward Akir'Tok
/me Steps back slowly, still shooting lightning
/it The orange blood of the Antlion sprays onto the walls of the Alley
/me Grins, noticing his Green-ish lightning is killing the Antlion
/it The Antlion let's out a screech, and stops flying
/it The body of the Antlion comes hurrling toward Akir'Tok
/me Attempts to dodge the extremely fast body being proppeled by momentum

Character backstory: Akir'Tok was born into slavery. He has been cleaning up messes after Combine everywhere. He is 27, but his body reflects that of a Biotic in it's late thirties. Akir'Tok escaped and joined a rebellion, but was swiftly taught that that was the wrong choice when the combine killed all of his rebel friends, and recaptured him. One of the Combine had a sweet spot for him. Later, he was discovered for the emotions he felt, and killed. But, that commander saved him from amputation for joining the rebels. His entire life he has been training his skills with the electricity that Biotics can produce, so that one day, he may yet escape again.

Name: Akir'Tok
Skin tone colour: Dark-Green
Eye colour: Dark Red, Maroon-ish
Scars/Marks: Large gash across face. One missing finger on left hand.

Specific skills and specialist, such as medical knowlege, knowlege of technology, philosophy etc?: Akir'Tok has trained well enough with his electricity to fry certain weaker Combine tech.

Did you ever have a problem with your established government in Xen?: No.

What do you plan to do with your biotic character in the future?: He plans to escape the combine's grip, and make a life of his own.

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