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Malevolence of Harmonized Society - By: Snake4199

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Malevolence of Harmonized Society - By: Snake4199

Post  Snake4199 on Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:42 am

Steam Name: Snake4199
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28392550
Book Name: Malevolence of Harmonized Society
IC Book Author: Anagram - Rich sociopath reports
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?: [In Severance: Copies] [HL2RP: Unique]
Type of book: [Story] [Biography]

Your story:

I had always wondered what the hell I wanted to do when I grew up. How I would raise my family, what job would I take, how high of a degree in education should I get? The thoughts were going through my head in the first decade of the 21st century. The joyful life of a child came and went and, soon I took on the role of a teenager. I had aspired to do something great in my life, do something that would make a change. Something that made a great hero, innovator, musician, athlete, and the such. By 2011 I had graduated high school and looked forward to the future. A few years later becoming married, and receiving my Bachelor’s degree in math and physics. Things looked for the best… But in 2014, that all changed.


Chapter 1:

I looked to the sky on the majestic day that lay before me. The warm, calm day filled me with rejuvenation in the morning. The clear glass of my bedroom window was all that separated me from nature’s beauty, well that and my house walls. The house was in a state of serenity, quiet and time to relax before the day’s activity. Work was an optional thing for that day, but I didn’t need the overtime pay for sitting in a lab or in the main computation room. Still by the window, I looked back at my wife, amazingly still sleeping despite my clumsy awakening. Taking one last glance at the slowly brightening outdoors, I opened my door and took zombie-like steps towards my kitchen down the stairway.

Opening the cupboard, I took a glass and poured myself a glass of Orange Juice and took out a pan to place on the stove. I started up the range and took out a can of spam, opened it, and carefully sliced the chunk into neat slices, placing them on the heated pan. I heard the bathroom door open, and close. I remained cooking the spam until just right, transferring them to three plates. I scooped rice from the rice cooker into all three of the plates and headed to the bedroom. I put on a T-shirt and some shorts for today’s plans. I had already showered the night before so there was no need for that. I walked across the hall to another room and opened the door to check in. My son sat awake in his chair, already playing on his computer.
“Hey kiddo, you dressed for today?” I asked, peeking my head into his room. He had finished typing something, spun around his chair, and nodded at me wearing a shirt and jeans. “Alright, oh before I go, food’s ready downstairs.” I added in as a last note. He got up, and walked past me. Instinctively I jokingly chased him down the stairs, laughing along with him till we got to the kitchen.
“Oh hey hun’, I see you’re chasing the ‘pesky little kid’ known as Timmy.” My wife was already at the table, giggling as she said that. I smiled replying, “Hey Jenna, you’re the one who started eating without us!” Tim sat down, biting into his breakfast meal .
“Hey dad, did you charge the camera for six flags today?” He asked. I thought for second and began to speak, “Yea… that’s a bit of a problem, let me do that right now.” I headed up the stairs to the bedroom, taking out the charger from a drawer, hooking it up to a camera, and walked back to the stairwell. I then heard a whirring… a clanking even. I was midway down the stairs and asked the two at the table, “Did you hear that?” Glass suddenly broke as pulse rounds penetrated the walls and windows, one had hit Jenna directly in the chest. I began to run down the stairs until I was deafened by a charging up sound, followed by a large explosion. I was sent flying through 2 rooms. “DAD!” I heard a familiar sound, Tim’s voice! I attempted to get up but a wooden beam toppled over my head and knocked me unconscious.

Chapter 2:

I had awoken from a long period of unconsciousness. The sun had already fallen, and it’s place, a moon shone on the almost completely flattened house. I franticly pushed off all the rubble that prevented me from getting up on my feet. I climbed through broken walls and fallen ceilings to my kitchen. My wife was no longer where she was shot, instead a puddle of blood had taken her place. My son was nowhere to be seen. I looked around the burning ashes of the place I once called home. In a matter of seconds, it no longer could be called that.

I trembled to my knees as I grasped in what I had lost. My family, my house, and as I looked at the state of the neighborhood around me, my future. It had all been taken away by something, a threat which I did not know of yet. Something powerful enough to destroy a house in a few seconds flat. I wiped the tears that had started forming in my eyes and got back to my feet. Hopping over the wall that once was, I realized by passing this point I had left my previous life behind. Left the safety and security of the things I knew. I was heading out into a dangerous world that I did not recognize anymore, and anything could’ve been out there. I began to walk down the road leading downtown, it was time to move on.
-Not done chapter 2-

Shit... I'm back to the anime perv I used to be back when I was in 6th grade(KissXSis)

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Must... Read... MORE!

Post  profile_#name on Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:46 am

I sat here and read it twice! I enjoyed this so much. FINISH PART TWO ALREADY Shocked


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