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Modern-Day Conspirators- By: Microneko

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Modern-Day Conspirators- By: Microneko Empty Modern-Day Conspirators- By: Microneko

Post  Microneko on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:11 am

Steam Name: Microneko [insertnamehere]
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:8407777
Book Name: Modern-Day Conspirators
IC Book Author: Dr. Cohen Solovyov (Just to give some insight, he is sort of like a criminal investigator)
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?: Copies.
Type of book: Story-telling experience, but based on a true story.]
Gamemode: HL2RP

Your story:

Chapter One: The debrief.

The pitch black chill of the night crept into the last days of Autumn, giving a emphasized reminder of the upcoming Winter season. The chill slowly made its way through an open apartment window, inside reveals our two antagonists.

There was a small coffee table, barely able to support itself with its broken peg. On top of the table, lay paper that were spread out as cards you would see on a poker table.

Outside was a full moon that shone through a small gap in the black drapes that partially covered the two, small windows. It casted it's glow on a feminine figure, which was laying sprawled out on a tattered couch.

A strong wind pushed the black drapes aside, revealing our second conspirator- a male figure, contrary to the female curves of the previous. The man seemed nervous, as he was fidgeting around.

The night was silent, with the exception of the creaking of the wooden planks and distant radio chatter from patrolling units. The night was young.

The male figure extended right arm, taking one of the papers into his hands. He gripped it tightly, and looked deeply into the writing that was sketched onto the paper. He grabbed another object- a pencil.

The man was trembling as he put the pencil to the paper, writing something illegible. The female spoke in a direct and commanding voice that interrupted the silence abruptly.

"Settle down, Fergus. We haven't even started planning and you've already got the fidgets."

The man replied with haste, his voice stern and capable.

"I am 'settled down', Alessia. You dare imply that I'm nervous? I'm just cold, that's all."

Alessia chuckled to herself manically at his statement.

"So, we got- what.. The whole Combine after us and you're cold from the wind? It was a psychological test, I'm freaked out too. And look, we're both at even levels here, don't think that I can't put you in your place from time-to-time.."

She stated with joking tone, but it seemed unnatural, as her straight stature would contrast.

"Alright, let's get to the chase. We have everything ready to be deployed, but I'll just do a quick debrief on the situation, and our plan."

He placed the paper he was holding on the coffee table, and pushed it to the edge that was closest to Alessia.

"Here's a patrol route of the graveyard shift units."

He pointed at the triangle in the top right of the paper.

"That's our supplier for the weapons. We can either sneak around the units that patrol near that location, or we take them out. Your choice when we get there."

He dragged his hand to the opposite end of the paper.

"That's our destination. It's the Loyalist Housing, so I expect it to be well guarded and that such. In such case, I have scouted out building's surroundings and I have spotted a rather large air-vent that can probably be an in-and-out. We get the target, and leave. The supplier will handle the chloroform rags, and give us some silenced USPs. We only have seven rounds each, so we aren't going to be high-profile, but rather contrary."

He pointed at a polygon shape in the middle.

"And, this is the checkpoint- for us. Not the units'. We take our hostage and get to that point using the sewage system, and when we're there.."

Alessia interrupts.

"That's a whole other project, let's not waste another ten minutes on that. We're already tardy for the supplier, we have to go."

"Fine," Fergus stated, followed up with a sigh. "But- before we leave. I'll tell you how much time we have to complete this task. We have to wrap it up in two hours, meaning we have to get this done- quick. We already wasted ten minutes. Let's get moving."

With that said, the two conspirators exited their apartment, and vanished into the draped shadows.

[[ OOC Note: Chapter Two is coming soon! ]]

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Modern-Day Conspirators- By: Microneko Empty Re: Modern-Day Conspirators- By: Microneko

Post  Microneko on Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:28 pm

I would like to receive some opinions on this story, and some insight of what I should add, remove, or change before I create Chapter Two.

As a reader, I, myself, would not like to read something that has some infractions, and see them repeated in the second book, or second chapter. It's good to receive constructive criticism, as it improves the Author and the book itself.

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