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Fuck This.

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Fuck This. Empty Fuck This.

Post  Alan Dale on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:58 am

Okay, I don't get this, for one the forums say OTA roll bonus is 30+, Synk PKed me while using 40+.Also the PK was in the plaza, a non-PK area.When I thought we had an agreement to it being non-PK event, given the fact that it was in the Plaza, no one was on, and I thought it was just a small fun event.He says it is because I did not follow his terms of letting me live through the last time he killed me with an OTA using impossible roll bonuses, my eyes were healed by phantom, he did not say anything.

Additional Info

Sync's roll was 78 + 40 = 118 - an instant win
Sync died shortly after, shouldn't his OTA be PKed?

`Alan A. Dale Jr.
Alan Dale
Alan Dale

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Fuck This. Empty Re: Fuck This.

Post  DeadCherry on Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:26 am

The reason why your character was attacked was to lower the resistance population, if you wnated to keep him alive his eyes were to have some kind of defiency.. or problem because he escaped death before. Phantom cannot spotanously fix eye sight problem she is a docter not jesus

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Fuck This. Empty Re: Fuck This.

Post  Noobstrike on Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:32 pm

I did not just magically walk up to him and go HERP FUCKING DERP /me pokes feac "K ur healz noaw go gettum" It was ICLY fucking done with various chemicals and UU-Nova replacement cells, the ones used to enhance OTA eyesight, like minor augments. And the process was explained to christopher tropicoas, WHICH HE AGREED on it. So it was not spontanious, and if you DID PK his OTA alan, we would just asspull another one so it makes no difference. So this cherry is basically saying you a smarter than Chris right? Mmk. Once again, making assumptions without looking into things.

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Fuck This. Empty Re: Fuck This.

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