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Post  Snake4199 on Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:54 pm

Steam Name:|Dд| Spade
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:23876595
Book Name:The Refugee
IC Book Author:Joshua Moore
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?:My book will have alot of unique Parts in it (as in it is one of the only first books Very Happy) As by the title you know whats its about but it will be a wonderful story (i would not like to tell the unique parts in this) [Unique]
Type of book:[Story]

Your story:
CHAPTER 1: [It all began for James back in Kentucky when he was a kid.Later on in 2015 James was watching Telivision But then The TV had emergency bars across the screen.Then it showed the Combine Shooting down Civilians Trying to fight back.When James saw them die on TV he rushed to his attic Where he thought he could be safe,Then out of nowhere a creature called the "Strider's" Leg went through the attic.Without time the leg of the strider went into James leg,Making him pass out of blood loss.James later woke up in a train station Wearing a Blue Jumpsuit.James went up to an old man,In his 60's.He asked "Um,What are we doing here" The Old Man Said "Haven't you noticed The Combine Took over the world,A matter of fact in 7 hour's" James kept on walking and went to the 29th Apartmants Buying his new Home,"1st Floor,2nd apartmant" James thought he could use some rest So he went ahead Sleeping.Then he heard an Dynamite Explode.Make his door blow down,James rushed to hid door not knowing what was happening.When he got up the DvL asked "Have you seen any Anti Citizens." His response was "No" They then tied him up searching him,But the found something suspicious a Lighter.]

CHAPTER 2: [He later saw a Rebel Come in with his M4 And a Gernade.Throwing the Gernade in the air,Shooting it.The Suspicious man's name was Christopher.He told the Citizen to come with him "So he didn't get caught" They stopped at D6 at the old bar.He later than met Paul,Jeffrey,Alton,And Kason They talked it through thinking if this guy should become a rebel or not,The powered vote was "If he is good And is not a loyalist".Later that day he was trained with a Standard 9mm Pistol They took off the One of the CCA's.He now knew how to fire it.They sent him back to the city with it just in case.Then when he was Caught walking out.James took his Pistol Shooting the Cp's hand so he could not shoot him.James ran to the 29th Apartmants.Hiding for A Couple hours.Then James Caught up with a loyalist He thought was just a regular Citizen,When she saw his gun in his pocket.She screamed and called for combine.He knew he was in deep shit.So he ran into an alley hiding the Combine went right past him,When he thought he was gonna be caught He ducked so they for sure couldn't see him.When they left James ran over to the Slums right away And stayed there for a while.]

~~Two days later

CHAPTER 3: [When he went back to the Slums.They granted him Refugee for Killing a CP.He thought "Hey maybe this one be so bad" Then They were all Trapped.The CCA Had put up Turrents blocking the Bar.Paul was Really good with Technology.He ran out as they made sure he did not get shot.That is when he diss wired the Turrents When they got back.They saw on the steps that James had been shot.Jeffrey took Bandages and Put pressure on the wound,2 Minutes later James was passed out from Blood Loss.He was put to stay in the Bar,For 2-4 days.James Woke up the next 3 days.James knew he was still had to stay there,Cause being in the city he would be questioned for his blood mark.Then James went to the bathroom seeing a Huge contra band of food thinking,Well its not gonna hurt if i just take some water.He took the water and drank it.When he went to sit down.Some suspicious guy walked in.In a CP outfit,The CP just stood there.Then Alton Came in putting a 357 Magnum to his head pulling the trigger.Blood splattered all over James.Kason ran in thinking something was wrong.Then Kason Accidently Shot right by James head.Then James said "Atleast im not dead".Then He Knew he was gonna get use to it And decided to Stay.

The End.

Shit... I'm back to the anime perv I used to be back when I was in 6th grade(KissXSis)
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