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December 24th- By Noobstrike

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December 24th- By Noobstrike

Post  Noobstrike on Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:18 pm

Steam Name:Noobstrike
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:32281154
Book Name:December 24th
IC Book Author:Kaylee "Phantom" White
Is it unique, or will it have various copies?:One book

Type of book: [Journal]/[Biography]

Your story:
Chapter 1: Camp Pendleton.
I laid there in the wrinkled up covers of the old bunk bed...and I could swear it creaked everytime I thought some words in my head... I looked up at the clock and the calender nailed to the old wooden boards of the barracks...5:30, December 24th. I had another half hour of sleep, but I didn't need it. I listend to some sounds, a truck or humvee was rolling in through the rusty gates of the old camp...people were unloading something, and the clanking of silverware was heard in the kitchen not far from the barracks. The crisp crunch of snow being walked upon soon began to drown out all the other noises...and little did I know how much I would miss these noises... I drifted off to sleep for the last 15 minutes, waking up later to find the drill Instructor barging in the door, screaming at all of us to get moving. We did what we did everyday. Get up. Get yelled at. Make our beds, and listened about how useless we were, how soft, and how pathetic, only to be told the harsh tasks we had for that day. I was usually on good terms with the Instructor, Lieutenant Davison, but I suppose this was the day he had it out for someone, and that someone was me. He walked down between the two rows of soldiers in the barracks, slowly, making sure every footstep he took shook the ground. None of us moved an inch, holding our salute."Did you get a good nights sleep you worthless peices of filth? I hope you did, because all of your eyes are going to be wide open today, and when it's over, you'll be so shaky you'll be scared of your own shadow!" He bellowed. For a moment I looked at him right in the eyes, thinking what he meant by this, and I gusse he saw me... "And just what are you looking at WHITE!? Do I look like a sight for sore eyes!? HUH!? White. Hmm. Well by the end of today, I'll make sure your everything but White. You'll be so dirty that I'll have to make you clean the showers as your taking one! Now look at that wall, and don't MOVE!" He paced around the room a bit more, and left, after promply explaining that we will be dropping out of helicopters today...and as he left, everyone sighed in releif and looked at me."What did you even do?" a confident guy named Simon asked. "I looked at him. Better not do it again or I might trigger an apocolyps." I replied. We both just smirked at this, as we were good friends. "Well, lets go." He said, and we filed out with everyone else the barracks.
Chapter 2: The "Balloon"
I watched my feet dangle out of the helicopter, the world slowly growing smaller around me, listening to the groans and moans of those afriad of heights. "Man, we ain't neva gonna have to do this anywhere! We just drive a car right into those ak slingers!" Said a man somewhere in the crowd behind me. "Well...firemen do it...why can't we?" Asked a woman closer to me than the man. "Were rappeling down a wire, they rappel down poles...whats the difference? They're not dead." Simon to my left simply told her "The difference is oh...I don't know...about 70ft?" This got a couple of smiles out of the nervous crew. We stayed in silence for awhile, on a ride that seemed like an eternity. The co-piolet finally broke the silence with "Alright....about 10 minutes to drop back there you all...get ready." The piolet added "And remember, Red means were about to leave. Yellow means Ok were even closer to leaving. And green means get off my helicopter." Only him and the co-piolet smirked at this.
I continued to look at the world beneath me...but then a sudden pacic started. On the other side of the helicopter, everyone was freaking out in confusion. "Hey guys, see that GIANT brown thing...what the hell is that?" " It's no plane...thats for sure...mabye a...air baloon? No it has a rotor..." "Mabye its for that parade in know over the annual celebration of the guy that built Wellerton Stadium?" I looked behind me, not seeing anything but the backs of camoflauged helmets, until we heard a noise, and the entire helicopter shook. The brown object made a horrible groaning the sound of a dieing horse and a knife scraping a chalkboard put togather. It grew larger, and seemed to be speeding towards us, and I finally caught sight of it, but only for a short time. "What the hell!? It's a...animal or somthin!?" "It's got engines a rotor...but what is it? A bug?" The piolet silenced everyone with two simple words... "Hold on!" and with that, the thing rammed into our helicopter with another groan...and two of the soldiers began to slide down the helicopter straight for me. I swung to my left as to not be flung out by them, and tried to grab hold of one of their hands...the first one falling down to his death..."Hold...on!" I grunted. It was Michael, another decent friend of mine, but not as good of a friend as Simon. I was just about to sucessfully pull him up...when I heard the sound of metal grinding against metal, and Michael was vaporised before me as a blue lazor hit him, just missing my hand enough to burn my fingers. I drew back, everyone was in panic, and at that moment I looked out at the see hundreds...thousands of these things...spreading across the clouds, and lowering into earth. The piolet gave another jerk to the right, as the brown alien creature ripped the tail from the helicopter, and the last thing I saw was Simon, putting himself over my face to sheild me...and everything had gone black.
Chapter 3. Just a trainee.
I wasn't sure if I was awake or dreaming...all I heard was the burning of lungs filled with smoke. I knew I was laying in grass...but I felt something cushiony on the back of my head. Someones uniform. I couldn't seem to gather myself to open my eyes, and I was glad I hadn't. I heard heavy, un-human footsteps approach me...had the brown creature been able to walk? No...these steps were lighter...not heavy enough to be the creature. And then a muffled voice cracked open, it sounded like it was talking through a fan..."Sir, I think this one's alive...she's breathing...I t-think." A deeper voice responded to him "Yeah. It's alive." "Sir, aren't we supposed to kill their military?" Said the lighter voice. "Yes, but...this one this one is just a trainee...see?" Echoed the deeper voice. I felt the rank striped on my shoulder be tugged at. "Already in shape, just means we won't have to feed her for a few weeks." and at that, a roar of the odd muffled voices arose to a sick cackling laugh. I thought I was dreaming once more...and fell back into a complete, dark silence.
Chapter 4:It's safer here...
I awoke, wearing an odd jumpsuit...a vibrating metal train, and many nervous people looking out the window, unconcious, or dead, people thrown all over the chairs. And the weirdest part of all we were all wearing the same thing. The cloulds I once knew were gone, and sky polluted, and the sights out the window of once great cities, now complete rubble and desert. I slowly put everything togather...the earth had been these...robotic creatures...they used the larger creatures as equipment. The people the earth depended on to save them...the military, like I, had failed them. And whatever theese things are, have power beyond our greatest imagination...and this, was the beginning, of the end. The doors had hung open for 2 minutes, but I didn't notice, too lost in thoughts. I stepped out of the doors...and looked around, seeing a man in an odd brown suit with a yellow insignia on a huge minitor, hundreds of these people wearing the same clothing, and odd green and black people with white masks. "Welcome, Welcome to city 18. It is safer here" Said the man...he gave a speech I didn't care to hear, and the recording looped. I stood there and told myself...this is a dream. We're all dreaming. And no matter how real this gets...I'm going to wake the world up. I am, a Phantom. I haunt the ones who remain asleep...carless to what lies before them, until they have no choice but to awake, and clear this dream from their memory. And to this day, I wake those lost in the Dream.

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Post  Jmannon00b1 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:10 pm

Combine says "Stupid dog! You make me look bad!
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Re: December 24th- By Noobstrike

Post  DIABLO258 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:10 pm

Just woke up, and this was the first thing I read. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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Re: December 24th- By Noobstrike

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