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Population on server

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Population on server

Post  [SoTA]G-Man on Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:25 pm

The population on the server has been going up and down, That's what you want but it seems most of them sometimes are trolls or just plain old minges, I think we could try to stop them some how.

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Re: Population on server

Post  Microneko on Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:39 pm

As an ex-Administrator of my clan's HL2RP server, I have a few suggestions that may be of service.

How to deal with Trolls:

Trolls.. Ah, yes. Also known as Minges in the Garrysmod video game.The people who waste their time, surfing from server to server with a set goal to annoy and conquer.

Usually, an average Admin would give a warning, if they don't comply, use a kick as a second warning, if they join and repeat, it's a 24 hour ban, if they come back and do the same, move it up to a one day ban and so on-so-forth.

Typically, I, myself, would do the same. Although, I have a slight variation when I perform the method, all according to the violation of a certain rule.

If the Troll is punchwhoring, I take him to a rooftop, or some other secluded area and speak with him in Local OOC chat and discuss his breaking of rules. Who knows, he might just be a newcomer. If he complies and states that he understands, then I get him back into roleplay and apologize to everyone involved in the situation. If he continues, follow the procedure of warnings, as shown above.

If the Troll is spamming chat, I usually just do the same thing, but just tell him to stop, and if he doesn't listen, or repeat, do the procedure.

If the Troll is having trouble roleplaying, like... Maybe, speaking OOC things in IC chat, or powergaming, I take him by the side and tell him how to roleplay and such, and if he's powergaming, I tell him what rule he is breaking, and how the correct /me he should've done, example below.

Troll/Minge/Newcomer: /me punches him in the face and roundhouses him like chuck norris

The Admin takes him to the side and has a quick chat with him.

Admin: I'm sorry, but you have violated a Serious Roleplay rule in-which we need to discuss. You were powergaming, meaning, you didn't give the other play a chance to roleplay or react. Here's what you should have said: /me attempts to land a right uppercut on the man. See? It gives him a time and /me to react so you can extend the roleplay and make it much, much more enjoyable.

Troll/Minge/Newcomer: Oh, okay.

The Admin lets him do his thing before he does it again, then you follow the admin procedure. Simple.

I suggest you use my method of procedure variations to keep the server under control, if you have another questions on the topic, feel free to ask!

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Re: Population on server

Post  DIABLO258 on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:16 pm

We know how to deal with them. Trust me. But Trolls and minges lurk in RP servers more then any other. We have a 17 page long ban list, soon to be 18. Its not that we cant deal with them, its that so many people dislike RP that they outnumber us 100 to 1.

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Re: Population on server

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