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Post  chillin3219 on Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:55 am

Jeffery was born in Los Angelos, CA. He grew up around guns, gangs, and cops. His parents left him to fend for himself when he was thirteen. He decided to ask his friends for a place to stay. Living between homes was hard for him, he became tough over time. Three gangs had been watching him, waiting for the right moment to recruit him. One of the gangs killed his best friend, just to prove a point. They took him and made him get a tattoo of the gangs name on his lower back. Not being able to fend for himself, he saw this as a way to survive. He became a high ranking member in his gang, earning respect by doing robberies, murdering people who opposed the gang. He met a woman named Jennifer Garcia, she caught his eye the moment she walked in. He asked her on a date, she said yes. From that day on they were together. She found Jeffery was in a gang, and was going to leave him. He now had a decision, the people who gave him a home and filled his pockets with cash, or the woman of his dreams. He chose Jennifer, he left the gang. This enraged the entire gang, so they did a drive by at his house. Luckily, Jeffery was smarter than that, he checked him and Jennifer into an apartment that night. The gang was looking for him, ready to gun him down. Jeffery had taken over $25,000 from them before he left. He and Jennifer moved to Las Vegas to escape the gang constantly trying to kill him. In their time in LA they fell deeper and deeper into love. When she was eight months pregnant the combine took over. Jeffery resisted, he tried to keep his family away from the combine. The combine broke into his home, seizing Jennifer. Jeffery fought back, kicking and punching his way through to her. The combine seized Jeffery and murdered his wife while they held him down. They then knocked Jeffery out and when he woke up, he was being taken to a sort of holding camp, where the combine kept the humans who obeyed. Jeffery was later transferred to city 18, where he met a man named Christopher Tropicoas. After talking with Christopher and earning his trust, he introduced Jeffery to Ace. Jeffery earned the trust of Ace and the trust of the resistance, and from there he got his first taste of revenge. He killed an 04 and took his kevlar, witch was later used in his resistance uniform. As the resistance began to experience troubles with the combine more and more, he became known as an anti-citizen. He was later captured and interrigated by a HELIX-DvL(Noobstrike <3) The DvL tried to get Jeffery freedom, but instead Jeffery was sent to a concentration camp where he was forced to work. Jeffery resisted and was shot by the prison guard. A rogue combine named Nomad showed up, wanting to kill Jeffery while he was injured. The DvL protested to this, and they became locked into battle. They both were injured badly in the end, it was a tie. Nomad escaped and the DvL was treated nearby. Jeffery seized this opportunity and escaped. The DvL later tracked him down, Jeffery did not want to go back. They exchanged shots, both being hit in non-vital areas. Jeffery escaped and hid in a nearby warehouse. The DvL came back with two OTAs, and ordered them to kill Jeffery and then walked out of the room. The OTAs prepared their weapons, but Jeffery had a pistol on his belt. He was lucky enough to get the first shots out, hitting the OTAs. He then finished the OTAs off and dashed away. The city was reduced to rubble due to a misfire, the UU abandoned the city. Then a New Union was formed.


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